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Sunday, September 17, 2023

Discovery Institute's latest video: The Codes of Life

This is a very slick video from the Discovery Institute. It shows you what we are up against. Anyone who thinks they can easily refute the claims in this video hasn't tried.

Intelligent Design Creationists know exactly what they are doing and they are very good at it. There are so many thing wrong with this video that it would take a book to correct them all and, furthermore, you would have to convince people that their entire worldview has to change in order to really understand biology. I bet there are many scientists who couldn't deal with a video like this and that's a problem.

Real biology is messy and sloppy. Things do not look as neatly designed as Richard Dawkins and the creationists would have you believe. I've tried to present the case for a sloppy worldview in my latest book.


Gary S. Hurd said...

The rest of the day is still ruined reviewing pop-science magazines for AAAS.

I'll try Monday.

Mark Sturtevant said...

Its directed at children, and in style its patterned after thousands of similar energetic and "cute" YT videos out there that are aimed at holding children's attention for a little while as they are taught about something in science, including evolution. The counter to this video would be similar videos that teach evolution. In terms of slickness and potential to have appeal and acceptance by a young audience, I'd say the two kinds of videos could be a tie.
What breaks the tie will be the adults who choose what YT videos to show to kids. If they are Disco-Tutians, they might show this one. And their kids will already be marinated in bible stories so most of them are lost causes anyway. Legitimate educators and parents who know better would use actual science videos and they would never expose kids to this brainwashing.

Robert Byers said...

This is a excellent video by a guy who has done so many. he articulates and explains well. A possible future star. He has done many. Its for adults obviously and organized creationism is the future. just need to reach audiences. Thgis would be a great video for all to start a debate on origins.

Anonymous said...

This guy has fallen apart under the slightest scrutiny, for example in Jackson Wheat’s YouTube videos.