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Monday, July 16, 2012

Jeffrey Shallit on the Sandwalk

Jeffry Shallit of Recursivity is in London, England where he recently took a train from Victoria Station to Bromley South, then a bus to Downe, and a rather dangerous walk up a narrow hedge-lined road to Down House [Larry Moran Would Approve ].

He joins a distinguished list of people whose visit to the Sandwalk has been recorded here.

Larry Moran
PZ Myers
John Wilkins
Ryan Gregory
The God Delusion
John Hawks
Michael Barton
Seanna Watson
Steve Watson
Michael Richards
Jeffrey Shallit
Chris DiCarlo
Bill Farrell and Louis C

1 comment :

Atheistoclast said...

It would be nice if Jeffrey Shallit would actually acquaint himself with molecular biology before launching his ignorant tirades against those who hold a different perspective to him and who are familiar with the life sciences.

If he cannot, he should stick to computer science and informatics. If he is unwilling to learn and adapt, he must go extinct.