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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Chris DiCarlo on the Sandwalk

My friend Chris DiCarlo recently visited Down House with his family. Here's a photo of him on the Sandwalk. Chris is a philosopher and it looks like he's trying very hard to strike a philosophical pose.

In fact, he just can't figure out which way to go to get out of there!

Chris joins a distinguished list of people whose visit to the Sandwalk has been recorded here.

Larry Moran
PZ Myers
John Wilkins
Ryan Gregory
The God Delusion
John Hawks
Michael Barton
Seanna Watson
Steve Watson
Michael Richards
Jeffrey Shallit
Chris DiCarlo


Veronica Abbass said...

Chris DiCarlo is also one of a distinguished list of people who are speaking at Eschaton 2012:

BTW Larry Moran will also be speaking

Bill said...

Doc Bill and Lewis visited Down House in 2010 and recorded this video:

We also have a photograph of two scientists, one cupola.