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Friday, January 06, 2012

Carnival of Evolution #43

This month's Carnival of Evolution (43rd version) is hosted by The EEB & Flow, a blog written by a large group of people interested in evolution and ecology [Carnival of Evolution #43]. The post was written by Marc Cadotte [Cadotte Lab], a professor in the Department of Evolution & Ecology right here at the University of Toronto.
You no longer need to ponder the mysteries of life, travel the globe making observations, or running complex experiments to test hypotheses; everything you want to know about evolution today can be found by reading the monthly installments of the Carnival of Evolution!

The first installment of 2012 (or is this the last of 2011?) offers a great smattering of many different aspects of current evolutionary understanding. These 26 posts cover many of the major areas of research that define current evolutionary biology.

The next Carnival of Evolution (February) needs a host. Contact Bjørn Østman at Carnival of Evolution if you want to volunteer. Meanwhile, you can submit your articles for next month's carnival at Carnival of Evolution.

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