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Sunday, December 25, 2011

And the Winner Is .....

I collected the names of all the undergraduates who got the right answer for Monday's Molecules. I put them on slips of paper and had my colleague, Alex Palazzo draw one of them from a small beaker.

Alex still has a blog on Scienceblogs called Transcription and Translation (formerly The Daily Transcript) but he hasn't blogged very much recently. He's too busy doing experiments.

What name did he draw out of the beaker?

The winner of a free autographed textbook is .....

Vipulan Vigneswaran!!

Congratulations Vip. You'll have to come by my office to pick up your prize.

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  1. he hasn't blogged very much recently

    nothing since December 2009 which is quite unfortunate because The Daily Transcript was one of the few science blogs at