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Thursday, November 17, 2011


I completely forgot about Sandwalk's blogiversary. It's a biggie!

My first post was on Nov. 4, 2006 [Welcome to my Sandwalk] so this makes Sandwalk five years old!

It was PZ Myers who got me started.1 We were in England visiting Down House when he convinced me that starting a blog was better than posting messages on He took the picture of me on the upper-left-hand corner of this page Can you guess where we were? He also took the one in this post.

3811 posts later I'm still not sure whether to thank PZ or curse him.

On last year's blogiversary, none of the top five postings on Sandwalk were about science. This has now changed. As of today, four of the top five all-time postings are science postings.

The Genetics of Eye Color
Smart Crocodile Eaters?
Regulating Glycogen Metabolism
A Challenge to Theists and their Accommodationist Supporters
Carnival of Evolution #38

Sandwalk currently averages around 180,000 page views per month. This puts it at the low end of the middle group of science blogs. (Ranked number 36 this month.)

1. He has a blog as well.


  1. Happy Blogiversary, prof. Moran!

  2. Can you guess where we were?

    Obviously somewhere in England. It looks like the inside of an observatory so I might guess The Royal Observatory at Greenwich, but there's a panorama on Wikipedia and the building in the background doesn't match.

    I give up.

  3. Happy blogiversary indeed. I often lurk here and enjoy your postings, especially the sciencey ones.

    - borealis

    I only see a red x in the vis. verification box on the first attempt, though.

  4. Thank you so much for your work here.

    I enjoy your intellectual honesty, and your clear explanations of evolutionary biology.

    I hope there are many years ahead for Sandwalk!

  5. In the mystery picture, are you in Darwin's room in Cambridge?

  6. How about Darwin's birthplace, The Mount in Shrewsbury?

  7. The answer is here:

    The London Eye (millenium ferris wheel) in London UK.

  8. Five years old? Let's hope your blog is still in its infancy. Well done, Larry! :)

  9. Can you guess where we were?

    You were on the Sandwalk, the path behind the home of Charles Darwin where he used to walk every day, thinking about science.

  10. Is the photo PZ uses on his blog also taken on the London Eye? Taken by you?

  11. Nal asks,

    Is the photo PZ uses on his blog also taken on the London Eye? Taken by you?

    PZ took the photo of me while we were in the London Eye (millenium ferris wheel) near the top of its trajectory. (It was scary.)

    I took the picture of PZ that he uses on Pharyngula (ScienceBlogs). It was on some bridge over the Thames.

  12. He uses it on the FTB-based Pharyngula, too. It's on the right side and you have to scroll down to see it.