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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

John Hawks on the Sandwalk

I post pictures of anyone on the Sandwalk. Technically speaking, John Hawks isn't exactly "on" the Sandwalk but I assume he went for a stroll shortly after this picture was taken.

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John Hawks said...


Atheistoclast said...

I feel sorry for John Hawks. He has to make sense of all the confusion surrounding human evolution and palaeontology. He has to deal with Hobbits in the Far East, relatively recent skulls from West African caves that look primitive, advanced stone tools that are 1.76m years old, australopiths from southern Africa with apparently advanced cranio-dental features, and interbreeding between the supposedly separate species of the Homo genus.

It is not easy making sense of a heap of fossilized bones and tools, as well as some DNA evidence - but he has to do just that on his blog. I am not envious.

waldteufel said...

I went to Hawks' website and saw the pics he took there at Down House. Very nice indeed.

DK said...

I am not envious

Probably because you are also not curious.