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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Is WiFi Harmful to Children?

There are many things that are harmful to children—poverty and war come to mind. There's also superstition and ignorance.

Believe it or not, there are many parents who think that electromagnetic radiation from WiFi transmitters is harming their children. They want it removed from schools because their children are becoming sick when they are at school.

Steve Thoms at Skeptic North has a post on this issue [Why, Wifi? Why?]. He explains why some people believe stupid things and how they go about defending those beliefs in a scientific society. He also raises questions about the "evidence" of illness caused by WiFi.

Worth reading—especially for the students in my course.


  1. Wow, seriously... WiFi... I mean I thought it was stupid when people were getting angry at cellphone towers and their "radiation", but now an even lower energy electromagnetic wave? What's next RADIO?

    How about we all just go back to sending letters by pigeon.

  2. My mom is on the Wifi and Cellphone Bandwagon. They think our dog that died of lung cancer died from it and her chiropractor told her it also caused her and our other dog's hypothyroid. I have been trying to tell her otherwise but she still seems really worried, I should also mention I'm 13.

  3. Sure shreddakj, you just want to kill my family with all the bacterial nasty-thingys in pigeon poop.

  4. This article makes me think of the book - Future Shock. What you revealed is rather shocking. Why WiFi indeed?

    I am not an expert on these matters but to remove something that is becoming essential in today's world without enough facts to back it up would be a setback for the kids. Just my two cents...

  5. Has anybody checked light bulbs?

  6. Has anybody checked light bulbs?

    Well, there are a number of people who are concerned about the effect on the "electrosensitive" of CF lightbulbs which have an internal 400Hz frequency generator, which dontchaknow is much more harmful than the God-given 60Hz (or 50 in Europe). And Havas's gang are also complaining about how the energy generated by wind and solar means is much "dirtier" than the stuff that normally comes in through the wires, due to high frequency harmonics. (Funny thing, I remember 20-30 years ago, people were expressing concern about the 60Hz EM fields in schools etc.