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Friday, May 21, 2010

Dear Royal Ontario Museum ...

Indicate in the comments whether you'd like to sign this letter as a supporter of the Committee for the Advancement of Scientific Skepticismat the Center for Inquiry (Canada). Include your name, title, and affiliation. Email me if you'd rather not post a comment. (My name is "l.moran" and my domain is "")

See Shame on the Royal Ontario Museum for more information about the event.
William Thorsell
Director, the Royal Ontario Museum
100 Queen's Park
Toronto, ON
M5S 2C6

Mr. Thorsell,

We at the Committee for the Advancement of Scientific Skepticism (CASS) at the Centre for Inquiry (Canada) and its supporters were dismayed  to learn that the Royal Ontario Museum will be sponsoring a talk by Deepak Chopra at the University of Toronto in connection with the Director's Signature Series: The Warrior Emperor and China's Terracotta Army.

While we fully support the concept of academic freedom, we are baffled by this invitation and wonder how it fits into the mandate of the museum to "serve as an advocate for science in the study of nature," as stated in your message on the ROM website.  Mr. Chopra's new age psycho-babble may be attractive to the general public, but by inviting him to speak at the ROM, you lend undeserved scientific credibility to his pseudo-scientific claims about quantum physics, psychology, chemistry and medicine. These claims are rightly rejected as absurd by the scientific community and by promoting them you tarnish the otherwise excellent scientific reputation of the Royal Ontario Museum.

CASS will be publishing the standard rebuttals of Deepak Chopra's fanciful quackery in order to help the public understand where he goes off the rails. Our hope is to turn this otherwise embarrassing event into a learning opportunity.  We are also contacting the sponsors of the event and the ROM's other private donors in order to voice our concern about Mr. Chopra's presentation. We would like the ROM to clarify how Mr. Chopra's visit fits into this lecture series, as it seems this is just another opportunity for him to promote his new book.  

We look forward to hearing from you.


The Committee for the Advancement of Scientific Skepticism (CASS) at the Centre for Inquiry Canada


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Catsy said...

Please add my signature.

Stacy Kennedy
Los Angeles, California

Anonymous said...

Add my signature.

Margaret A. Hug
Software Engineer
Albuquerque, NM

Yiab said...

I only wish we didn't need a petition like this.
Jonah Horowitz
PhD Student, Mathematics
McMaster University

Lee Picton said...

I'm not even Canadian, but anything I can do to protest Chopra's brand of woo in any connection to the fabulous ROM, os right by me.

Lee Picton
Ellicott City, MD

Unknown said...

Please include me:

T. Daniel Midgley
Ph.D. student
University of Western Australia

Shripathi Kamath said...

I'll sign that as well.

Please do not elevate quacks to the legitimacy of teachers

Shripathi Kamath
Mission Viejo, CA USA

Unknown said...

I'll sign that
Steve Gray BSc. CMA

MichelleZB said...

Ditto. Good luck getting a membership out of me this year, ROM. Maybe you should try to make a few extra bucks by claiming the geodes in your giftshop have crystal healing powers.

Michelle Zapf-Belanger
Musician, proud Toronto native, and ROM attendee

Erik Christensen said...

Include me in.

Erik Christensen
Surrey, BC

Anonymous said...

I will be more than happy to add my signature to the list

Niksa Novovic
student - Bachelor of Nursing
Mount Royal University
Calgary, Alberta

CaptTu said...

Please add me to the list.

David Schilling
Corinth, Texas.

Glendon Mellow said...

Would love to sign it.

Glendon Mellow, BFA
Fine Artist + Illustrator
Toronto, Ontario

Peter Bowdidge said...

Likewise, appalled at their decision. I'll sign it.

Peter Bowdidge

Anonymous said...

Oh yea!

Bart Dietrich, PhD
University of East Anglia

Anonymous said...

Consider it signed!

No Title
A mere high school student who is aware of the nonsense in his pseudo-scholarly claims.

John-Henry Beck said...

I agree with the letter. Count me in.

John-Henry Beck
Quality Assurance Analyst
Springfield, Missouri

Anonymous said...

Lee MacPherson
University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Anonymous said...

I'll sign

Baldvin Örn Einarsson
M.Sc. Student - Social Psychology
University of Iceland
Reykjavík, Iceland

Anonymous said...

I'll sign

Baldvin Örn Einarsson
M.Sc. Student - Social Psychology
University of Iceland
Reykjavík, Iceland

Three Sigma said...

I have fond memories of visiting the ROM as a child. What a pity they don't seem to be able to tell what's not good public education anymore.

Nathaniel Tagg
Assistant Professor, Dept. of Physics
Otterbein College

Unknown said...

Please include me in the petition.
Vanita Mishra, MD

nanuq905 said...

I concur.

Diana L. Glennie, M.Sc.
Ph.D. Student - Medical Physics
McMaster University

Haakon Randal said...

My brain rots when I have to listen to Chopra lecture. You have my full support.

H. Randal
M.A. - Social Geography
University of Bergen

aluchko said...

Aaron Luchko,
MSc Student - Computer Science
University of Alberta

Phil Urbanski said...

Wondering out loud, why the director would want his name associated with this lecture?
Include my name to your letter.

Philip M. Urbanski
ROM employee, 1971-1984

Anonymous said...

Please add my name:

Woody Emanuel
Camden, Maine 04843

Anonymous said...

Karen Burke
St. Paul, MN

Karen Burke said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Karen Burke said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
magpie said...

Yes my husband and I would both sign this. We just renewed our memberships to the ROM but had we known this we would not have been so hasty to do so.

How the ROM handle this will determine if we renew next year.

ThorGoLucky said...

Hear hear!

Torsten Pihl
Information Systems Coordinator,
member of The Union of Concerned Scientists, and creator of science-advocating

Stephen MacDougall said...

Count me in!

Stephen MacDougall
Ottawa, Ontario

Joshua said...

Joshua Zelinsky
Ph.D. Student- Mathematics
Boston University

Anonymous said...

Let him pay for his own place to flog his woo.

One wonders if aynone at the ROM had actually read any of his stuff before booking. If they did, double shame for falling for it.

M. Whittaker, MD
Dryden, ON

Keynan said...

Keynan Pratt

I'll sign

magpie said...

Oops, first time posting and I forgot to add our names to make it official.

Bruce and Margaret Barlow
Caistor Centre, On

Anonymous said...

Count me in. Don't support nonsense.

Luis Krause
Vancouver, BC

Anonymous said...

The above comments bring a tear to my eye. Brings some hope. I'll sign

Steve Pivato

Christopher Mackay said...

Chopra has no business in a place dedicated to science; keep him out of the ROM.

Christopher Mackay
Sackville, New Brunswick.

Unknown said...

I'd certainly add my name to this most excellent letter!

Pierre Rioux
Bioinformatician and Computer Scientist,
Montreal Neurological Institute

Anonymous said...

The ROM should rescind the invitation on the grounds that Mr. Chopra's pseudoscience serves no educational purpose, and it should vet its lecture candidates more carefully in future.

Sara Stewart, BA, MA
Technical Writer/Software Tester
London, ON

Anonymous said...

Michael G. Elliot
PhD Candidate
Simon Fraser University
British Columbia

ryan mannik said...

ryan cuggy
toronto/missisauga, canada

Glenn the TOC said...

As a science educator and as a Canadian, I am horrified that a science museum would host Deepak Chopra whose only claim to fame is spouting nonsensical dribble that gullible idiots are desperate to hear (his writing is so bad it is 'not even wrong').

I hope some of the ROM staff have the sense to resign in protest.

Lance Christian Johnson said...

Here's my "signature":

Lance Christian Johnson
High School English teacher and fan of real science
Martinez, California

Unknown said...

Signed, sealed and delivered.

Beadknitter said...

I'll sign it.

Linda Jo Park
Master Knitter, knitting and beading teacher. Superintendent of Knitting for North Idaho Fair.

Unknown said...


Gem Newman
B.Sc. Computer Science (University of Manitoba)
Lead Developer, Invenia Technical Computing
Founder & Organiser, Winnipeg Skeptics

Travisdy said...

I support this statement wholeheartedly.

Travis Clark
Psychology Dept Student
East Tennessee State University

Anonymous said...

Good words. Definitely include me.

David Beach
Toronto, Ontario
BSc, BEng, MASc
PhD Candidate (Aerospace, Toronto)

hermanflinger said...

Add my name.

Richard A. Jahnke
Professor Emeritus
University System of Georgia

Sara E. Mayhew said...

Sara E. Mayhew
Mangaka, TED Fellow
Kirkland Lake, ON

Anonymous said...

Count me in too.

David Corney, Ph.D.
Defended graduate student
Cornell University, Ithaca NY

Felipe Campelo said...

Please count me in too!

Felipe Campelo
Post-doctoral fellow
Department of Electrical Engineering,
Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais
Belo Horizonte - Brazil

Anonymous said...

I'll sign this.

Lisa Blackman
Burnaby, B.C

steve8282 said...

This is humiliating. i will be contacting my MP and asking for a shakeup in you leadership.

Unknown said...

I'm in.

Lee K. Wasser
Mechanical Technician
Centennial College

Unknown said...

I'll sign it:

Dr. Charles E. Jones
Lecturer, Dept of Geology and Planetary Science
University of Pittsburgh

David Buck said...


David Buck
MCS Carleton University

Anonymous said...

Definitely count me in.

Kevin Skoblenick, MSc
MD/PhD Candidate - Department of Psychiatry
University of Western Ontario

TheRob said...

I'm in. Although I'm in the U.S., I'm from Ottawa which is just down the road (in Canada scale) from the ROM.

Keep him and others like him away from respectable institutions.

Robert Carter, PhD
Associate Research Scientist
Information Sciences Department
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
Memphis, Tn

Anonymous said...

Sign me up.

Through his abuse of physics, he has also abused the associated mathematics, something he probably did not realize while he was not doing any serious theoretical work. If he isn't a conscious fraud, he is at least indistinguishable from one.

Jesse Parrish
Undergraduate Student - Mathematics
University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Anonymous said...

I'm in.

Olivier Drolet
Montréal, QC

John Cullen said...

I'll sign on too.

John Cullen, M.Sc.
Ancaster, ON

Jesse Sinclair said...

Very well written, add me as well please;

Jesse Sinclair
President, PRB Studios
Calgary, Alberta

Anonymous said...

As a ROM member, I am deeply disappointed that such a top-rate scientific organization would pander to the ideas of such a quack.

Edward Wood, London Ontario

Anonymous said...

And I'll sign it! (BS, MS, and 60 years of life experience)

Bob Hagar
Arlington, TX

Anonymous said...

Please add myself as a signatory:

Terry J. Hewitt
Barrister & Solicitor
833 Carnarvon St.
New Westminster, B.C.
V3M 1G2

Anonymous said...

Luke Kirkwood
Sydney, Australia

Anonymous said...

Please add my name.

Kim Lee
Elementary School Teacher
Yellowknife, NT, Canada

Anonymous said...

I'll sign as well:

Samantha King
Student in English Literature and Rhetoric
University of Waterloo

Nogodscanuck said...

Thank you Mr. Larry Moran for your Letter.
Thank you P.Z. Meyers for posting this.

Richard Munn
bluecollar worker
Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Anonymous said...

I'm in.

Corey Boimer, H.B.Sc.
M.D. Candidate
University of Toronto

DKW said...

Please add my signature

Dave K. Welch
Yellowknife NT

Unknown said...

Please count me in as well against pseudoscience.

Ignacio Gomez
Master Aerospace Engineer

Anonymous said...

Will gladly sign.

Curtis Osterhoudt,
Los Alamos National Laboratory

skyesepp said...

Shame on the ROM for associating with this snake oil salesman. I fully support Prof. Moran's comments.

Skye Sepp
Geography student,
University of Toronto

Anonymous said...

I am in full agreement with the writer of this letter.

Jeremy Banks said...

Shame indeed. Please include my brother and I if you'd like.

Jeremy Banks
University of Toronto Student

Aaron Banks
Toronto Resident

ergaster said...

I'll sign it.

Debbie McKay
BSc Physical Anthropology University of Toronto

Anonymous said...

Sign me up

Jackson Gilmore
Retired Geologist
Iowa City, IA

Anonymous said...

I'll sign.

Steven Bukal
Computer Science undergraduate
University of Toronto

Ian said...

I'm in.

Ian Watson
Hamilton, Ontario

Anonymous said...

Sign me on!

Katie Marshall, BScH
Ph.D. Candidate
University of Western Ontario

Unknown said...

You have my full support.

Haakon Randal
B.A. - Environmental Geography
M.A. - Human Geography
University of Bergen

Anonymous said...

I've been to the ROM. I'm deeply disappointed that it's including Chopra.
Add my name - and thanks.
Donna Harris
Newsletter Editor
Humanist Association of Manitoba

Anonymous said...

Count me in as well.

Sara Shanahan
Neuroscience Student

Nick Tacik said...

Sign me up.

Nick Tacik
PhD student in Astronomy & Astrophysics
University of Toronto

Cinefreak said...

Please add my name.

Geoff Isaac
Oakville, ON
Current ROM Member

Darksmiles said...

Sign me up too.

Miles McCullough
Little Rock, AR

Ken said...

No pseudo in science please.
Ken Kressin
Cannon Falls, MN, US

Anonymous said...

Dear Larry Moran,

Please do add my name to the statement by the Committee for the Advancement of Scientific Skepticism at the Center for Inquiry (Canada) to the Royal Ontario Museum, the latter which has inexplicably sponsored an upcoming lecture by the arch crackpot, Deepak Chopra.

That utterly disingenuous man has absolutely no business capitalizing upon science or the scientific community who is actually responsible for the hard work and genius expended on its flowering and the fruits of knowledge derived from it by the museum itself. ROM (as well as the University of Toronto) should be thoroughly embarrassed and ashamed of asking him to speak on their hitherto fine premises based, as it has appeared to have been for many decades, on SCIENCE, not on some obnoxious magical mysticism tour.

If this event comes to pass (and one does hope it might yet be thwarted) I would go further to encourage anyone who spends the exorbitant entrance fee to witness a talk by a cheap charlatan (however popular) to afterward vigorously demand full reimbursement from ROM, on the basis that the scientific content advertised was not delivered by the speaker engaged. ROM can EASILY argue breach of contract and failure to deliver the terms IF ROM did not realize from the START that they barked up the wrong money tree to begin with.

Perhaps that might help someone at ROM see that the promise of quick but handsome proceeds is not an excuse to swindle an imposter into a public science education establishment which owes its very existence to a baseline standard which Deepak Chopra so easily sneers at as he makes his many deposits into as many banks.

There is absolutely no excuse whatsoever for diluting science for public consumption, by dumbing it down, and especially by inviting a well recognized flagrantly hypocrite, double-talking con-artist - no matter how flamboyantly popular - as a means of "reaching out to the public"...if THAT, was, in point of actual fact, the aim of the ROM organizers.

It is despicable beyond belief. It suggests nothing less than that "public outreach" methods so many have begun to apply have long since passed the boundary of Hollywood marketing tactics definitely penetrating deeply into the territory of unbridled hokum. (The "fine art" of "whatever it takes").

Who ARE these people that science institutions hire, apparently helter-skelter (that is, on the basis of their powers of persuasion rather than upon their powers to communicate with any genuine appreciation of integrity) to 'preserve' a public interest in science?

The habit of fakery is evidently exceedingly tempting in our society, I'm afraid, perniciously so. Some strong 'medicine' must be brought to bear on it. A liberal dose of honesty in combination with integrity and courage are clearly indicated...yet these are already widely blocked by a cunning viral infection - yet nothing more than a mere social tradition - which coevolves to flout it at least as quickly as slowpoke scientists with a tincture of conceit respond (let's at least be that honest with ourselves). One doesn't need to belabor the obvious extent and extrapolation of that aspect. Especially when so much can be accomplished with a just a trivial bit extra administered directly from the horse's mouths.

Unfortunately, a strong majority of scientists support their respective institutions, universities and government facilities and whatever apparatus they construct to ease their workload - many, it must be soberly noted, are ultimately funded through taxpayer funding - because they perceive they have been relieved of their duty to help communicate their findings directly to the public.

It's a HORRIBLE situation, and academically indentured scientists by and large are blind to it.


Anonymous said...

Sign me up.

Alec Ross, Toronto resident & York U student.

mcduff5678 said...

Austin Green
Undergraduate Student
University of Maryland, College Park

Anonymous said...

I'll add my signature

Aaron Pierpont, Ph.D
University of North Texas
Denton, TX

Artoo45 said...

Kernan L. Coleman

Creative Director
Ranch7 Creative

Anonymous said...

Please add my name to the petition.

Robert Quickert
Ajax, ON


This appearance of Deepak Chopra in a science museum is an incredible embarrassment to real intellectual life.

Please add my signature to your letter.

Dennis M. Buck
Houston, Texas

Unknown said...

I'll absolutely sign this.

Paul Rocca
Toronto, Ontario

David Richardson said...

Count me in.

David Richardson, BA (Hons), PGCE
Linnaeus University
S-39234 KALMAR

Anonymous said...

I'll sign the up.

Charles Snyder
Denver, Colorado

Unknown said...

That nut-job got no business there.

santa said...

Consider it signed. Ab Kuenzli, retired Biology instructor. I wonder if lessons in Astrology or Alchemy would follow Deepak.

Anonymous said...

I will sign it

Patrick Mott
College dropout
I have been to ROM 3 times
it was awesome each time
sad to see them waste their credibility on woo-meisters

Willem V. Pretorius said...

I support this letter.

Anonymous said...

I'll sign that.

Mike Dancziger, Ph.D.
Chemistry Lecturer
Sheridan College
Brampton, Ontario

Adrian Thysse said...

I support this letter.

Adrian Thysse
Science Enthusiast
Edmonton, Alberta

bmcworldcitizen said...

Leave the quantum physics to the experts Deep!

bmcworldcitizen said...

oh yeah ... and add me to the letter!

Unknown said...


Nicolas Demers
Vancouver, BC

Callandor said...

I'm in.

Sean Bannier
Milwaukee, WI USA

Gliewmeden said...

I am very disheartened to see the ROM supporting pseudoscience.

Love the ROM. Dislike Deepak.

Helen Beach
CFI Board Member
Calgary AB

Anonymous said...

Tim Rosenfeldt
Edmonton AB

Unknown said...

I'll sign that

Eric Kanary
Ottawa, Ontario

Anonymous said...

While many scientific theories have been proven wrong, not one pseudo-scientific-snake oil-new age-feng shui-sham wow theory has been proven right.

Count me in.
Greg Pastic
Ontario, Canada

Anonymous said...

Sarah Tiefenbach BSc
Common Sense

Colin said...

Count me in:

Colin Merkel
3rd year Engineering Science student
University of Toronto

Stephen said...

Count me in!

Stephen Mortimer
London, Ontario

TristanPEJ said...

Tristan Johnson,
Burlington Ontario

Anonymous said...

It is shame on the Royal Ontario Museum to invite Deepak the quack to give a talk. It really embarrassing to me that this charlatan hails from my homeland.

Redy Kosuri
Diabetes Center, Norfolk, Virginia

Anonymous said...

Me too

Bernard Ortiz de Montellano
Emeritus Professor of Anthropology
Wayne State University

Unknown said...

I will sign:

Scott Reynolds
University of Waterloo Math Student
Waterloo, Ontario

Anonymous said...

I'll Sign it

Brad Thiessen
Edmonton, Alberta
University of Alberta - Mathematics

Anonymous said...

I'm in.
PJ Crepeau
Denver CO

Bjørn Østman said...

Bjørn Østman
Claremont, CA

Dr. Terry Sandbek said...

Send DC packing to the nearest psychic fair.

Terry Sandbek, Ph.D.
Sacramento, CA

spiritualatheist said...

I'm also in.

Francesco Orsenigo
Hellenic Center for Marine Research

Anonymous said...

I'll go with this.
Gopi Flaherty, BS in CS, Carnegie Mellon

Murray said...

Murray Inkster
Vancouver, BC

Anonymous said...

I'll sign as well.

Rob Bristow
Winnipeg, Mb

Anonymous said...

Count me in too.

Kerry Kilborn
Senior Lecturer
Department of Psychology
Glasgow University

jw said...

I'm in.

Jennifer Wesson
Hamilton, Ont.

Anne Roy said...

As a Canadian living in England I wish to sign to show my support ... add my name

Kimberly Howlett
Cambridge England

shonny said...

Let's keep science evolving!

Jonn Mero, BA
Fiane, Norway
(former exile in Western Australia)

Anonymous said...

Yours sincerely, Sophie Yates and James Dalmau of Melbourne, Australia.

Jonathan Lee said...

I'll sign.

Jonathan Lee
Undergraduate Mathematician
University of Cambridge

Catherine B said...

Add my signature to the list.

Anonymous said...

Put my name down, please.

Graham Day
N. Ireland

Jim said...

I work to convey the true character of science to unsophisticated readers. Many elements of popular culture - such as Deepak Chopra - are utterly contrary to science and distort the ability of the general public to comprehend issues in a rational manner.

Mr. Chopra's resume includes many worthy credentials. Unfortunately, his credentials are overwhelmed by the content of his writings, lectures, and interviews. Such pseudo-intellectual muddled spiritualism is unworthy of a forum such as yours.

Anonymous said...

Count me in: I'll sign.

Neil Cunningham BE MIEAust CPEng
Melbourne Australia

Anonymous said...

Count me in

Graeme Miller, B.Ed
Berlin, Germany

zelbess said...

Alexa Joy
Student, University of Texas San Antonio

Anonymous said...

How can this be?
Have the lunatics finally taken over the aylum?

I may be 'PitW', but I will be heard.

John Flemming
DN15 7SA

Rationalist, secularist, Republican (of the anti-monarchy variety).

Unknown said...

I'll happily add my name to that.

Steven Neugarten
BSc(hons) in Physics from Bristol University
Professional Pianist
Lover of Science and reason

Anonymous said...

I'll sign:

Neil Justusson
Wollongong, Australia

Unknown said...

Max Adelman
Research Assistant, Brigham & Women's Hospital
Boston, MA, USA

Anonymous said...

Add my name if you'd like.

Matthew Smith
Adelaide, Australia.

Unknown said...

I will gladly have my name on the letter.

Prof. Dr. Shawn Bishop
Physik Department E12
James Franck Str.
Technische Universität München
Garching, D-85748

Unknown said...

I agree.

Jarrad Hall BSc. Hons.
MSc Infectious Diseases Student
University of Western Australia

Randall Fitzgerald said...


Randall Fitzgerald

Karen said...

I'd like to sign as well.

Karen D. Camarda, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Department of Physics & Astronomy
Washburn University

The Unrecorded Man said...

I'll sign anything that helps to shut Deepak Chopra up.

Keith Merrick
Tokyo, Japan

Anonymous said...

Murray Shaw
Brisbane Australia

Anonymous said...

Count me in, Dr Steve Harris, Cornwall.

Unknown said...

Please add my name.

Michael Rule, MSc
University of Florida,
McKnight Brain Institute

Anonymous said...

Sign me up

Nigel Rowledge

Christopher Moss said...

I definitely agree that the ROM has no business promoting magical thinking and would be delighted to sign it.

Christopher Moss MB,BS
Tatamagouche, NS

The Mad Science Teacher said...

I'll sign it!

Daniel Francis Mulvihill III

Numeric Blahs said...

I'll sign.

Michael B Burns
Ph. D. Candidate - Molecular Biology
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Brian Swann said...

May these reactions including my own be a clarion call to the ROM for natural and scientific reason.

Brian Swann B.A.
London, Ontario

Anonymous said...

Please add my name.

Sean Sturgeon
Miramichi, New Brunswick

Anonymous said...

I'll proudly sign.

Linda Jewell, MSc.
PhD Student - Plant Pathology
University of Guelph

Billy said...

Count me in

William Sands Ph.D
Post doc, Cardiovascular research Centre, University of Glasgow

Darkchilde said...

Count me in as well.

Paraskevi Oppio
Athens, Greece
MSc. Computer Science
Student: Physics and Mathematics, Open University UK

Morgan Witthoft said...

Include me on the petition

Morgan Witthoft
Austin TX

Unknown said...

Please add my signature.

M. A. Lachance, PhD
Professor of Biology
University of Western Ontario

Unknown said...

Down with quackery in quantum theory! Please add my name also to the petition.

Frank Valckenborgh
Macquarie University, Dept. Mathematics
Sydney, Australia

Unknown said...

Count me in as well
Casey Schmidt
PhD Candidate - Soil and Water Sciences
University of Florida

Singring said...

Christopher Harvey
PhD Student Biology
NUI Maynooth, Ireland

Anonymous said...

I'll sign also:

Derek J. Lactin, Ph.D., Entomology (University of Manitoba, 1993).

hsfreethinkers said...

Michael Vaillancourt, B.Sc. (Physics), J.D.
ROM Member
Toronto, ON

Unknown said...

I'll sign that as well.

Christopher J. Patriquin, BHSc, MD
PGY-2 Internal Medicine
University of Western Ontario
London Health Sciences Centre

Anonymous said...

Great article aboot a great quack

sign me up

Grant McEvoy
Toronto, ON

Unknown said...

Charles Pettipas
Nova Scotia, Canada

EJ said...

Please count me in

EJ Karetny
Science Faculty, Timber Creek HS

Owl700 said...

I'll sign that.

Rose Becker
Hamilton, ON
(Enthusiastic Scientist)

Anonymous said...

I'll sign this.

Eero Holmström, M.Sc.
University of Helsinki, Finland

Anonymous said...

Please add my name to the letter. This invitation does no credit to an excellent museum.

David MacLauchlan, Cambridge UK

Anonymous said...



Unknown said...

Please add my name to the list of those who think Deepak Chopra has no business lecturing about science when his perspective is clearly discredited so widely, and justly so.

Anonymous said...


Marlon Howell
Rational Earthling
Austin, Texas

Anonymous said...

Count me in...

Tim Halen
Halifax, NS

Ian H Spedding, FCD said...

These people already have enough undeserved celebrity without a respectable museum contributing to it.

Your letter has my support.

Cookie said...

I am deeply depressed that the ROM would even consider having a quack like Chopra be associated in any way with it.

Rick Bannister, CGA
London, Ontario

Anonymous said...

You have my full support:
Lisa Hennessey
Ottawa Ontario Canada

Anonymous said...

I'll sign.

Cathy Greentree LL.B

JT said...

I'll sign

Julian Tilbury MSc PhD
Plymouth, UK

Takis Konstantopoulos said...

I'd like to sign it too.

Takis Konstantopoulos
Professor of Probability,
Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences, 20 Clarkson Road, Cambridge CB3 0EH, UK

MC said...

Ryan McCourt, MFA
North Edmonton Sculpture Workshop
Edmonton Alberta

MakingBelieve said...

I fully endorse this letter.

Earl L. Taylor, P.Eng
Brockville, Ontario

Anonymous said...

I'll sign:

John Grant
Hewitt, NJ, USA

Anonymous said...

I'll sign.

Hanna Peacock
B.Sc. Student
University of Guelph

Gareth McGregor said...

Signed. Deepak Chopra is about as scientific as a Texas school book.

Matthew said...

Count me in

I would like to think that there are plenty of more reputable people who would speak for the ROM.

Matthew Morrison BSc(Hons), BTeach., MEd.
Science Teacher
Melbourne, Australia

Huxley said...

I'll sign.

Mika Hakonen
Helsinki, Finland

Dave said...

Count me in.

David L. Jones
Sarnia, Ont

Andy Beaton said...

I agree as well.

Andrew Beaton, BSc
ROM Member
Toronto, ON

NOKane said...

On behalf of the CASS, I hereby add my name to the petition in question:

Nevyn O'Kane
Graduate Student, Dept. of Philosophy
Northern Illinois University

John Kingman said...

I'm in

John Kingman, Friend of CFI
Austin, Texas

James said...


James Cash
Engineering Science Student
University of Toronto

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