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Thursday, October 08, 2009

One Nation Under God


Here's a little quiz. What nation is being referred to here?

Right. Boy, you guys are clever.

This image is so disgusting on so many levels that one hardly knows where to begin. Fortunately, I suspect most of you have already seen the PZ Myers take-down of a few days ago [The goggles! They do nothing!].

I couldn't resist re-posting the image. If you visit the websit at McNaughton Fine Art you'll get an added bonus. You can mouse over any of the figures and get an explanation.

Look in the lower-right corner. Why is that Supreme Court Justice holding his head in his hands?

Who is that person with his arm partially raised at the bottom of the picture in the lower-left corner? Why that's an immigrant, don't you know?
Why does he have his hand up like that? There are many good people in America, they are not all Christian. I wanted him to have a look of shock when he realizes where the source of America's greatness comes from as he sees Christ holding the Constitution. We live in a country where we are free to worship as we please.
My favorite is the Professor, sitting on the top step in the lower-right.
He tightly hold his "Origin of Speces" book by Charles Darwin. This represents the liberal lefts control of our educational system. His smug expression describes the attitude of many of the educational elite. There is no room for God in education. There is contempt for any other viewpoints. Humanism dominates the educational system of America and I believe that is wrong. Notice that he is the only one sitting on the top step. He tries to place himself on an equal footing with God, but he is still nothing next to the intelligence of the Creator.
For even more fun and games, try and guess which Presidents get to walk with Jesus and which ones are left out?

Who is your favorite person? Can you find Satan? How about Waldo? (Wally?)


  1. My favourite is Lincoln, because he appears to be challenging the liberal crowd to a fight. And John Adams is like "Yeah, you wanna try and take Lincoln on? He's right there!"

  2. Well, the lawyer (lower right corner) is supposedly bad for being greedy (he's counting money). But, just as Jesus delivered the Constitution, didn't he send his (cough) prophet Adam Smith to lead us to the paradise of Free Enterprise? What is this artist guy ... a Commie or sumthin?

  3. I emailed the printer.


    I would love to acquire a print of "One Nation Under God" (#353). However, you seem to preach that the lawyer counting his money is wrong. Therefore, I would like you to send me a copy free of charge, the only occurrence of exchange being my increase in faith of the kindness of humanity. You may send the print to:


    Thank you very much for your generosity. I know that it will not go unrewarded in Heaven, when we all meet our true fate.

  4. With this picture, the "Kitschiest Artist in the World" award has been snatched from Thomas Kincade who has held it for so long.

    Our heartiest congratulations go to Jon McNaughton.

    BTW David Willis has a much better version.

  5. Gah, sorry about the links... I'd fix them if I knew how, but I don't see any instructions on how to use the link tag.