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Thursday, October 08, 2009

Boring ....

Chris Mooney, Matt Nisbet, and Josh Rosenau got their knickers in a knot last week for thinking the Richard Dawkins had become an accommodationist [see Is Richard Dawkins an Accomodationist?].

Dawkins promptly denied it. That leaves these three accommodationists will little choice but to apologize for being so stupid. For an example of how Chris Mooney admits he was wrong (not) see his latest posting: How Richard Dawkins Communicates Evolution (Surprise, It's Not the Same Thing as Atheism).

PZ Myers takes the time to demolish the Mooney posting using images of sad puppies [My regrets on your traumatic brain damage!]. It ain't pretty.

My concern is that Chris Mooney isn't holding up his end of the fight. His postings are becoming quite boring.


  1. "The Accommodationists" must apologise? I'm an accommodationist, Larry. Must I apologise for something?

  2. Silverback, I thought it was pretty clear that "the accommodationists" refers to Mooney Nisbet and Rosenau as noted in the previous paragraph.

    Maybe there was some subtlety in your comment I am missing?

  3. Just making a point about focusing on the right targets and not overgeneralising.

  4. John, I edited my posting to make it clear that I was referring to Mooney, Nisbit, and Rosenau.

    But you really knew that, didn't you?