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Sunday, October 11, 2009

IDiot Logic

I'll just post this without comment because I can't, for the life of me, figure out the logic [Denyse O'Leary on Uncommon Descent; Serving the Intelligent Design Community: Off topic: Single payer health care]
Here I was recently treated to an interesting display of Darwinist logic.

A commenter demanded that I provide proof that in a single-payer health system like Canada’s, older people are being abandoned to die. Another suggested I just shut up about it.

Sorry. Go here for how bad it can get.

It’s a matter of simple logic, really. Sarah Palin’s death panels are alive and well in Canada because we have a single government payer health system.


  1. It's quite simple. Darwinism = Evil, so anything Denyse O'Leary doesn't understand, or dislikes, she tars with the same brush.

  2. This left me scratching my head too. I followed the link to the "evidence" that people are "left to die" in the Canadian healthcare system, but all I found was an anecdote. A sad one admittedly, but no actual statistical or systematic study that there is a widespread problem.

    But then I find nearly all of her pieces are like this. She makes a claim (usually an audacious one and one usually involving the word "controversy"), provides a link or two - but when you follow the link, you find a completely different story. When this is pointed out to her, she doesn't have the humility to realize her mistake, but simply abandons the thread because she has to "move on to a new story". It's quite pathetic really.

    You really have to wonder don't you. She is one of the leading voices of ID, yet she doesn't even possess the most rudimentary of critical thinking skills (let alone those of a bona fide journalist). I think privately a lot of ID proponents are probably embarrassed by her, but somehow through sheer will she seems to have inserted herself into this role. If ID is ever going to be taking seriously, they really need to fire her - unless of course she's about the best they can find...

  3. Yikes! I couldn't believe what I just read.
    Yes, there are folks who fall through the cracks here, but for every one Canadian who falls through the cracks, I can find 10 more Americans who don't get health care.
    The U.S. already has death panels. they're called the Insurance companies & HMOs.
    I caught a Bill Moyers' Transcript over the summer, called 'Critical Condition' where a doctor in LA openly admits they ration care in the U.S. Here is the link in case you never saw it:
    Watch all 3 videos as well as read the transcript. This is just a few people.
    Here is a more recent one; a blog from a 30 something American who is in the terminal stages of Cancer & might have been saved if he were able to access health care sooner.
    The other thing is O Leary, Shona Holmes & others who like to trash our health care system are hypocrites because they would never cut up their OHIP, Medicare or whatever province they're in calls it. I have already launched such a dare with some of these naysayers & they look at me like I'm from Mars.

  4. Here's an interesting article that smashes head-on into many of the unfounded claims about our health care system:

  5. Just another example of the top-notch analysis by Ms. O'Leary. She really needs to move from Canada to the US (like I did) and discover just how bad the US approach to health care is by direct comparison. (And I have 'good' coverage.)

    Perhaps after being denied coverage as a self-employed person with a pre-existing condition she might realize the value of what most other developed nations take for granted - a truly universal health care system.

  6. I'm in the US.

    A while back my doctor suggested I get a colonoscopy. Standard preventive care for guys my age. The first appointment available was 10 weeks away. Fourteen days before the appointment I was informed that my share of the cost of the procedure, my co-pay, was to be $1200 paid in advance. I was further informed that if I canceled or rescheduled less than 10 days before the appointment, then I was required to pay the entire amount for the procedure myself, more than $6000. Evidently, if I agreed to the procedure, the doctors were to be guaranteed the money even if they never performed the service.

    So, given four days to come up with $1200 or be obligated for more than $6000, I had to cancel the appointment.

    I long for the day that all of humanity cares for all of humanity, but I fear self-interest will keep that from ever happening.