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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Take the Science Knowledge Quiz

The Science Knowledge Quiz is on the PEW website. It's associated with their recent poll on science and attitudes about science.

I don't think this is an accurate quiz about scientific knowledge. Many of the questions concern simple facts about science and technology and not principles or concepts.


  1. 11/12 here...and I agree, not enough conceptual stuff.

  2. What is truly scary is that any adult would get any of these wrong....

  3. I would prefer to see a graph with %correct for the 12 questions. I wonder which ones are commonly answered incorrectly.

  4. They do have some breakdowns by question and demographic when you finish.

    I got 11/12, I flunked the first one (never heard of aspirin being used to reduce the risk of heart attacks). It's kinda funny since for that one I had almost no clue while rest seemed ridiculously easy, but according to the stats the first one was the easiest!

  5. "Find out how your score compares with other Americans who took the test..."

    I wonder what makes them think I'm American?

    I can see how some might get stuff wrong - I mean, "water on Mars" was a bit of a guess - I know we fond signs of water, but "recently"? Could be anything - maybe they just found a great big sheet of platinum over there in the last month and I didn't see the news report.

    In fact, this is really a general knowledge quiz with a science flavor, isn't it? I think most people (non-scientists) would only know the answers for most of these thanks to media coverage or experiences with their doctors.

  6. 12/12

    Not really a science quiz, per se... it's more science trivia... but I guess still kinda revealing if you don't pay attention to even basic science news.