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Monday, June 15, 2009

Who Is Canadian Cynic?

Blogger Canadian Cynic chose to remain anonymous. As most of you know, I prefer bloggers who are not anonymous but I respect the decision of my friends who disagree.

Some of Canadian Cynic's enemies don't respect his decision so they did some digging and outed him. Tsk, tsk, typical behavior for right-wing idiots.

Canadian Cynic is my old friend Rob Day from I'm secretly delighted that he can now be identified even though I deplore the behavior of his enemies.

He's probably going to be giving a talk in Toronto very soon so you can all come out and meet Canadian Cynic [You might want to keep Friday, July 3, open]. I have stories, and lots of photos! So do my daughter Jane and her husband Michael—they rented his house! We'll have a real "outing" party.

BTW, Rob doesn't want anyone to retaliate by outing the right-wing idiots who choose to remain anonymous [On outing].


  1. For the love of God, Larry, take down that pic -- I look like such a dork.

  2. Dork? What are you talking about? If you're going to be "outed" then why not go the full monty? :-)

  3. Personally, I think this makes you look much dorkier.

  4. Eh ... I don't think so. I can live with that one.

  5. Wow, blogosphere seems to be no different from Usenet after all. Flame wars, outings, lies, damn lies and personal threats. Deja vue.

  6. I'll see your 'dork' photos and raise you several 'geek' photos applied to all the profs like me (I won't speak for Larry though I did like the 70s rec room photo [phd defense] he posted awhile back)

    What is with the 'outing' obsession of late on the right? CC had to smack down thoughts of revenge as many know who some of the rightist anons are as well - but have not replied in kind (just so I think - CC is right not to play that game)

  7. ...CC is right not to play that game

    Oh, yes. CC is an absolute model of decorum and civility. Typical bullshit from left-wing morons. Are you sure you're spelling your last name correctly, Larry?

  8. According to this its you rightie's that have the issues with spelling, and intelligence in general.

    1. Anonymous

      Are you sure you posted this comment under the right post?