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Monday, June 15, 2009

Canada's Secret Plan for World Domination

The secret is out [Donuts To Dollars].
Our Friendly Neighbors In Canada Are About To Wage An International Food Fight Over Your Morning Coffee

(CBS) Americans are about to be dragged into an international food fight … and it's our friendly neighbors in Canada who are throwing down the gauntlet. Jeff Glor reports our Cover Story:
There was some chance that the story would be ignored since it only appeared on CBS News but that turned out to be a forlorn hope. John Pieret of Thoughts in a Haystack has taken on the role of a modern Paul Revere [Rally 'Round the Flag].

Now the whole world knows the secret.


  1. You know Tim Horton did look a bit like Alexander the Great.

  2. you mean to say that greeks are taking over the Canadian food supply!!! Yikes!
    *P.S: No offence to greeks, but too many greeks I know are in restaurant business. Soulvaki rocks

  3. Having moved from an area that had Tim Horton's (WNY), to one that doesn't, I wish they'd expand... Krispy Kreme is a poor substitute.

  4. The plan is to expand to the whole US and attack! Make all Americans fat! Wait, that's done already...haha. I love Tim Horton's by the way.

    Take care, Elli