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Sunday, April 05, 2009

Last Week's Scientific Breakthroughs

This are stories from the past week that would make good topics for discussion. I don't have time so I'll leave it up to you.
Scientists Find 'Baffling' Link between Autism and Vinyl Flooring

Masturbation could bring hay fever relief for men

New research shows lower educational outcomes for survivors of childhood cancer

6 out of every 10 university students present mathematical anxiety or fear of this subject

Humanoid Robot Helps Scientists To Understand Intelligence

Omega-3 kills cancer cells

How probiotics can prevent disease

UBC study first to show evolution's impact on ecosystems

UT Southwestern researchers reveal how the brain processes important information

Your oral health is connected to your overall health

Penn researchers demonstrate a new model for drug discovery with a fluorescent anesthetic

Humans May Be Losers If Technological Nature Replaces The Real Thing, Psychologists Warn

Milkshakes Are Medicine For Anorexic Teens In Family-based Outpatient Therapy

Hermit Arthropods 500 Million Years Ago?

Alzheimer's Disease Linked To Mitochondrial Damage

Robot Scientist Becomes First Machine To Discover New Scientific Knowledge

Virus-built Battery Could Power Cars, Electronic Devices

Athletic Ability May Lie in a Single Gene

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