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Sunday, April 05, 2009

The End of Christian America?

The number of Americans who don't identify with a religion has increased from 8% in 1990 to 15% today. This is encouraging but it doesn't quite mean that the battle between rationalism and superstition has been won.

Nevertheless, the fact that a national magazine could publish an article like "The End of Christian America" is an indication that the debate is on.

If North American societies become much less religious—like those in Europe—then most of the major problems with creationism will go away. Maybe then we can concentrate on promoting good science education. That's why some of us would rather put our efforts into promoting rationalism over superstition rather than defending specific creationist attacks on schools.

Both approaches are needed but those who advocate the compatibility of science and superstition are not helping.

[Hat Tip: Hemant Mehta who has some interesting comment.]


  1. Also, don't assume that those 15% who eschew religion must therefore have impeccable rational credentials.

    For instance, many Libertarians are atheists..

  2. The words on the cover are arranged to form a cross or a crucifix.

  3. It is only superstition if and when it really is irrational, but who is to judge what rationality truly is?