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Thursday, March 19, 2009

John Moore Gets It Right

Believe it or not, there are columnists at The National Post who actually understand the issue concerning Gary Goodyear's beliefs. John Moore tells it like it is when he says, ignorance is not a civil right.
Of course it matters whether the Science Minister acknowledges or contests evolution. This isn't a case of a politician who likes to read the Bible and pray -- it's a Cabinet Minister who holds philosophical beliefs that are antithetical to his portfolio. Jonathan Kay insists Christian-hating lefties would never raise similar alarm over a Cabinet minister of another faith. Well this leftie, who holds faith in considerably high regard, would have very serious concerns about an aboriginal justice minister who declined to comment on the efficacy of Western legal systems, and would be even more up in arms if a Scientologist health minister refused to discuss mental illness. And I'm pretty sure the National Post editorial board would have some pretty pointed questions for a Muslim MP given the status of women portfolio.

The first problem with Goodyear is that he fronts the science portfolio in a government that has demonstrated through its most recent budget that it doesn't value the sector. The man delegated to argue the vital importance of science at the Cabinet table doesn't actually know what it is. More significantly, Goodyear's insistence that religion should come to bear on science provides comfort to those who teach their children the falsehood that to follow God you must reject science.

This is the willful dissemination of scientific illiteracy. More frankly put, it is the promotion of stupidity.
I wish I'd written that!


  1. ...the falsehood that to follow God you must reject science.

    Do you believe that is a falsehood?

  2. Again, the fish bit may be a bit inaccurate, but the rest is a nice shot at this whole affair.

    Pick image number 10 at the bottom of the cartoons.