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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Gary Goodyear "Clarifies" Some More

Minister of State for Science and Technology, Gary Goodyear, is being asked of clarify his position on science. Is he, or is he not, anti-science? Specifically, does he reject the scientific fact of evolution? Yesterday, newspapers reported on his wishy-washy definition of evolution. Most people concluded that he is, indeed, a creationist of the sort that rejects science.

Today's National Post documents the evolving strategy of the Conservative Party and their friends. They are trying to make this into an issue about freedom of religion rather than a simple question of scientific literacy [My beliefs not relevant: Goodyear].
In light of those responses, critics were still wondering yesterday whether someone who believes the Earth is just thousands of years old is heading Canada's science and technology sector.

Mr. Goodyear bucked at requests to clarify his point of view yesterday, cutting short a question into whether he defined evolution in the popular Darwinian sense.

"My entire background has been in science, and my personal beliefs are not important," Mr. Goodyear repeated. "What I'm doing and what the government is doing to move this country forward -- that's important."

When pressed, Mr. Goodyear added that there would be no conflict of interest for a minister heading the science and technology industry to hold a belief in creationism.

"Absolutely not. How ridiculous. It's absolutely ridiculous. That's why I didn't answer the question, because it has no relevance," he said.
Hmmm ... let's think about this for a minute. How many people think it's relevant that a Minister of Science and Technology is anti-science?


  1. so, he clarifies he is totally creationist.
    It's kind of funny the dumb bastard himself brought up the topic of religion..

  2. I also noticed this meme surfacing yesterday -- spinning this snafu as the Evil Librul Sekularists persecuting the poor Christians. They conveniently overlook that it was *Goodyear* who brought up religion in the first place, and that creationism is not the whole of Christianity. I have yet to hear *anyone* on the science or secular side saying that only an atheist should be allowed to occupy the Sci & Tech portfolio -- that appears to be entirely an invention of a few pro-religion pundits (Jon Kay, David Asper, Lorna Dueck being the ones I have seen).

    And they also conveniently overlook that Goodyear is an ignorant crackpot on other subjects as well.


  3. Of course its relevant if he has the absic science eductaion, ther kind you can find in any museum. You know, the arthe is millions of years old, humans did not live with dinosaurs, etc. Seems he lifts his "science" from the bible.

    Such frivolity and lack of scientific depth is just shocking in principle.

    This is not only an abysmal educational anti-example. He must also think most biologists are stupid and some kind of atheist-motivated parasites...
    Not the best guy to lead them, I'd say.

  4. Based on this and previous "clarifications", I'm starting to get the feeling that he's not anti-science, but he would be if he had the slightest clue what science is.

  5. Would a member of the First Church of Christ, Scientist*, which does not accept the germ theory of disease, be acceptable as Minister of Health? Would it be unacceptable religious discrimination to suggest otherwise?

    * yes, the name is irony deluxe.

  6. First time posting here, though I have been reading your blog for a while.

    It seems this story if falling off the radar of most media outlets, and I wonder how those concerned about science can keep the heat on the Tories to sack this incompetent ninny. In a way, I think we Canadians are not as well equipped to fight this battle as our neighbours to the south. While I don't delude myself that Canadian creationists do not exist, to date they have had much less success in gaining political clout than their American counterparts. As a result, we don't seem to have an organization like the NCSE that is dedicated specifically to battling creationism.

    I have written letters to the PM and the opposition parties requesting that Goodyear either clarify that he supports evolution as scientists understand the term (including the principle of common descent) or be forced to resign his cabinet post. (No replies received yet.) But I'm wondering what else we should be doing to ensure that Goodyear doesn't just hang on until the controversy blows over.