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Friday, April 27, 2007

Which Gas Is Cheaper?

Show your calculations.


  1. I have a little spreadsheet I wrote years ago to do this. The Cdn gas costs US$3.54 per US gallon. The US gas costs 82.5¢ Cdn per litre. So, to answer your question, the US gas is cheaper. Actually, even the US premium gas is cheaper than the Cdn regular price.

    Today's exchange rate is "On 27 Apr 2007, 1.00 U.S. dollar(s) = 1.12 Canadian dollar(s), at an exchange rate of 1.1153" as per the Bank of Canada. There are 3.785 litres per US gallon (from any old source).

    The conversion formulas are:
    USC: US price
    CdnC: Cdn price
    Exch: exchange rate as above

    Cdn Price per litre of US gas = USC/3.785*Exch
    US Price per US gallon of Cdn gas = CdnC/Exch*3.785

  2. It's $1.22/litre out here on the Wet Coast.

    I guess the rising Canadian dollar is just going to make our gas relatively more expensive too :)

  3. I have to ask ... what was the point of this post?

    I suspect it was the all-too-familiar question that comes up when we Canadians drive to the States - "do I fill up the car before coming home or not?" Or maybe it was to trigger a discussion about innumeracy. Or comparisons of our different energy and/or tax policies. Or perhaps something else. I'd just like to know.

  4. $2.79 a gallon? Crikey. We on the west coast haven't seen that for months - it's up to $3.23 near me, last I checked. Good thing I don't drive.