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Friday, April 27, 2007

Road Trip!!!

Today we're driving to Washington. I'll blog from the Experimental Biology meeting when I get there.


  1. What route is that you are taking? I didn't know we had one that ran straight from Buffalo to Washington D.C.

    Or is it that you don' need no steekin' roads?

    Have a good time!

  2. When I first read that I was thinking Washington, the state. That would be a *long* drive for you.

    Hope the meeting goes well!

  3. Did you see me wave as you went by?

  4. Comes now Ms Seana Coulson, a UCSD cognitive scientist, leaping through the framing chaff with an titillating excerpt from her published dissertation, Semantic Leaps. Ms Coulson's framing specialization is called conceptual blending -
    If you thought that post-modernists gave great gibberish, you ain't seen nuthin. Consider the helpless thousands of innocents in the academies who are being infected with this framing scam. So many words signifying nada, and humanity on its way to oblivion.