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Monday, March 26, 2007

Monday's Molecule #19

Name this molecule. You must be specific but we don't need the full correct scientific name. (If you know it then please post it.)

As usual, there's a connection between Monday's molecule and this Wednesday's Nobel Laureate. This one's easy once you know the molecule and make the connection. There'll be a few extra bonus points for guessing Wednesday's Nobel Laureate(s).

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  1. This is warfarin, a famous anticoagulant used as a rat poison and also as an anticlotting treatment for humans suffering from a variety of vascular-related ailments (e.g. arrythmias, hypertension). The drug brand name is coumadin. The nobel is probably for Edward Doisy, the discoverer of Vitamin K (1943) since warfarin is an inhibitor of this vitamin (as I recall).

  2. Incidentally, the chemical names (oh IUPAC) are a google search away:
    And Henrik Dam shared that Nobel.

  3. Well done. Free lunches for both of you. Meet me on Thursday at noon in my office.

    The IUPAC name is 4-oxo-3- (3-oxo-1-phenyl-butyl)chromen-2-olate.