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Monday, March 26, 2007

Happy 66th Birthday Richard Dawkins

Today is Richard Dawkins' birthday []. Go [here] to enter your own birthday message.

I may disagree with Dawkins on some parts of evolutionary theory but I think he's done a wonderful job of focusing attention on evolution as a scientific fact. I'm also a strong supporter of his attacks on superstition and support for rationality (e.g., The God Delusion).

Dawkins is just one of many intelligent men and women whose brains did not shut down when they turned 50 or 60. We need to point this out because there are, unfortunately, too many people who think that you can only make a contribution to science when you're under 40.


  1. Do you think men who think alike look alike? His buddy Steve Jones could almost be his twin ;-)

  2. Good grief my sister shares a birthday with Richard Dawkins but that's all they have in common as she is a fundamental Christian,but don't hold that against her.