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Monday, February 05, 2007

Monday's Molecule #12

Name this molecule. You must be specific. We need the correct scientific name.

This is another easy one for everyone who has ever taken biochemistry. This compound is important for understanding the real science behind epigenetics, one of the latest fads in development. As usual, there's a connection between Monday's molecule and this Wednesday's Nobel Laureates. Bonus points for finding the connection. (Extra bonus points for recognizing the indirect connection to Celera and the race to sequence the human genome.)

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  1. 2'-deoxy-N6-methyladenosine monophosphate. One of the modifications produced by DNA methylases that are implicated in epigenetic control of gene expression.

  2. If I couldn't figure that one out Northwestern should cancel my degree...

    But hey, don't keep us in suspense- I have no idea what the Celera comment was about! Inquiring minds want to know.