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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

What Is a Species? John Wilkins Knows

As part of the ongoing basic concepts posts, John Wilkins has described Species. John is one of the world's leading authorities on this topic so you can be sure to learn something if you jump over to Evolving Thoughts.

For those of you that don't want to learn about all the various definitions of species here's the bottom line from John ....
So, after all that, what is a species? I think, and this is very much my own opinion, that there is no ....


  1. *ahem* There was more to that sentence, you know...

  2. Yes, but I really didn't want to give it away. Readers ned to go to Evolving Thoughts to find out what's in the rest of the sentence.

  3. Oh, I thought you were quotemining, in order to make me say there is no species concept. Like, you know, a joke?

    Sorry. I'm grumpy (see avatar) after getting a paper knocked back. I'm less grumpy today (see avatar) because they will let me resubmit.