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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The IDiots Understand the War in Iraq

DaveScot didn't like the short speech by Senator Jim Webb. Apparently Webb just doesn't get it about Iraq. According to DaveScot, there's a really good reason for being in Iraq [[Off Topic] Senator Jim Webb: Clueless.

Did you know that the real reason is to train the marines?
Here’s the deal Jim. In order to have an effective force in fighting guerilla and urban wars in Arab countries we need actual combat veterans seasoned in that type of warfare leading the unseasoned troops. Use your head, Jim. Now we have an effective force led by NCOs who know how to survive urban and guerilla wars in Arab countries. And Bush managed to build that force without losing 58,000 American lives as were sacrificed in Vietnam but rather limited the losses to 3,000. Use your head for something other than a place to put your hat, Jim. We needed a veteran ground combat force for the Middle Eastern theater. Now we have one. Now what happened to Russia in Afghanistan won’t happen to us.

I can't help but notice some glaring deficiencies in current military training. There are no veterans with experience in colder climates like those we find in Canada. There's also a lack of experience in the European theater—almost all the veterans from World War II have retired. And let's not forget China or India. Nobody in the Marines has ever fought in China or India.

Maybe the USA should start a war in one of those theaters in order to get some veterans?


  1. Now, what I really don't understand is why there should be any other veteran than DaveScot himself.
    He should be able to cover all topics (even off-topics), don't you think so ? :-)

  2. I can not fathom why the IDiots would support what is going on in Iraq. For this endeavor was obviously not intelligently designed!

  3. I can not fathom why the IDiots would support what is going on in Iraq...

    Got no idea. But let's face it, they're naturals as neocons, aren't they? I mean, check out the complementary skill set action we got going on, here:

    Shifting goalposts? you say? Yeah, we can do that...

    Seriously, someone really oughtta get on the horn to the Bushies about this. I'm pretty sure they haven't used that one yet.

    Yep... it was about eliminating WMDs... erm... no...

    Establishing democracy... erm... still no...

    Wouldya believe, training troops?

    And you've got to hand it to the guy, here. Sure, the current denizens of the executive branch have bought themselves some trouble with their previous explanations, but I think this one's a keeper, really...

    I mean, that's as safe a moveable goal as you could possibly pick... The sort of thing even the Bush white house probably can't somehow screw up...

    Insofar as it's already done.

    Mission accomplished, baby!

  4. I had to actually read the entire post (yech!) to see if he was really saying the Iraq war is necessary because we need practice. He was.

    That's not just stupid, it's evil.

    Now what happened to Russia in Afghanistan won’t happen to us.

    Except it already has, DaveScot.

  5. Well, the link btwn ID and war in Iraq is pretty simple: bring on the rapture. Which is of course also the reason for the fundie wingnut preoccupation with supporting Israel--they have to keep them around for the post-rapture holocaust.
    And yes, in case you were wondering, they're completely nuts.