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Thursday, February 02, 2023

Not in the room where it happens!

My 9th great grandfather is John Banks (1619-1685) who was born in Essex (England) and moved to the colony of Connecticut in 1634. He marrried Marie Tainter (1619-1667) and settled down in Greenwich, Fairfield, Connecticut. I descend from his son John Banks (1650-1699).

My 8th great grandfather had a sister named Hannah Banks (1654-1684) and she married Daniel Burr (1660-1727). This was exciting because I knew that Daniel Burr was the grandfather of Arron Burr who became the third vice president of the United States. But that wasn't Aaron's main claim to fame because he also murdered Alexander Hamilton and that caused a musical named after the victim to erupt in New York City.

Could it be that I was a distant cousin of the man who sang songs like "The room where it happens"?

Alas, no. Daniel Burr and my distant cousin, Hannah Banks, were only married for a few years before she died. Burr then married Mary Sherwood1 but she had only two children (Eleanor and Hannah) before she died. Daniel Burr's third wife, Jane "Elizabeth" Pinkley, is the mother of Rev. Aaron Burr who is the father of the vice president and successful duelist.

1. I'm also related to Mary Sherwood.

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