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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

My DNA story

This is the latest update from Their algorithms are getting better and better. This corresponds very closely to what I know of my ancestors.


John Harshman said...

I find it interesting that Swedes (7%) can apparently be completely distinguished genetically from Norwegians and Danes.

Robert Byers said...

They do say this. I saw a youtube thing on brits and how in looking for viking ancestry they could only prove it by a Swedish genetic marker. the dane etc were the same as the english.
Indeed the west Germans all really were one people and the tribes only segregated sometime before the roman empire breakup.
This is why the english can say they sacked Rome. by way of being the same people as goths and vandels.
the Swedes stayed more segregated in thier original homeland.
I question genetic markers but in these minor cases think its likely accurate.
Yet not by extrapolation very far back. Just a special case .