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Friday, August 25, 2017

Niles Eldredge explains hierarchy theory

You may not agree but you should at least know what some evolutionary biologists are thinking.

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  1. Regardless of the excitement did they prove another higher stage of evolution affecting species and not just individuals in a population?
    This YEC can see a new population coming from a few/or single breeding pair and so evolution of some trait(s) BUT how does a whole species change?
    THEN the ecological(old time environment) system affecting populations and evolving them...
    This is the problem with evolutionary biology. it really is speculation and so , on a spectrum, the speculation explands aside from evidence or hope of evidence.
    Does the guy actually have biological scientific evidence for evolution being the origin of biology complexity and diversity??
    The PE thing was based on insisting to old time evolutionism that the fossil record didn't show evolution as they said it had happened.
    it was a correction on fossil interpretation.
    The corrections can be expanded including the fossil record has nothing to say about biology. Its silent. Its people speculating on its meaning.
    Sure it is!