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Monday, March 14, 2016

The best TED talk ever

I'm not a fan of TED talks. Comedian Will Stephen has figured them out and he gives a perfect example of everything that's wrong with a TED talk. Watch "How to sound smart in your TEDx Talk."


  1. That is exactly how I feel listening to evolutionist drone on and on ...theres mountains of evidence...consilience across fields(of gold) NO way does that affect just don't understand evolution...evolution is OK with that....we never said that it didn't....of course evolution can explain it...

    After listening to an evolutionist you come away with the feeling that evolution is sooooo awesome (except when its not), is not-goal oriented (it just appears that way), there is no intelligence associated with evolution (but we need to speak as though that were the case, you know to make the communication smoother and more convenient, like that).

    Vote TedX for your next evolution talk!

    1. There's nothing particularly difficult to understand about evolution. Your problems are your misinformed views, and your lack of willingness to read for comprehension when it comes to fixing your misconceptions.

  2. This guy sounds just like certain ID "Paradigm Shifty" creationists... Perry Marshall of Evolution 2.0 comes to mind. Marketing, inspirational memes. "Paradigm Shift... Revolution... What an exciting time to be alive!"

  3. I'll take this TED talk, instead:

  4. It was really funny. He really did tap into the motions, tones of voice, and progression of TED talks.
    I like Ted talks that I did like. its dependent on the person.
    They don't allow ID?YEC but anyways some are good.
    Good ideas or bad all would use the same format for presentation.
    Actually this guy said very litlle after all.
    Its just funny without serious content.
    He did include PARADIGM SHIFT on his screen.
    The guy who coined that term should get a TED talk to retract it eh!!

  5. As a fellow TED video skeptic, I find this brilliant.

    But Ill add that the satirists have captured the essence of research talks as well. How do we avoid the following:

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