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Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Justin Trudeau and his new cabinet

This is our new Canadian Prime Minister walking to Rideau Hall with his new cabinet ministers for the swearing in ceremony where he officially takes over the government. It's very exciting. No Prime Minister has ever done this before today.


  1. I noticed the Ministry of the Environment if now called "The Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change."

    Kirsty Duncan, the new Minister of Science, was a member of the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and has a very impressive background:

    That's an improvement over the creationist chiropractor who once held that post under Harper.

    1. But her record would not be complete without this:

  2. Larry,

    Did you already research what Trudeau's stand on evolution is? Justin's father was a catholic who rejected evolution. Do you think Justin will try to appease a few % of Canadians that follow the Darwinian beliefs whatever they are today?

    1. Since the Catholic Church accepts evolution, that was rather heretical of Pierre. Must have pissed the Church off almost as much as when he eliminated the laws against homosexuality.

      But no, liesforthedevil, I am not aware of the views on evolution of either Trudeau pere or fils. Enlighten us.

      BTW, have you read this previous post of Larry's?

    2. liesforthedevil says,

      Justin's father was a catholic who rejected evolution.

      You are either a liar or an idiot. Probably both.

    3. A quick peek at the wiki pages of the cabinet members gives the following religious affiliations;

      18 - no information
      4 - Roman Catholic
      3 - Atheist
      1 each of Lutheran, Mennonite, United Church, Sikh and Jewish.

    4. Another interesting fact I learned about the new Parliament: Punjabi is now the 3rd most common language spoken by MP's/

    5. Liesforthedevil, and Justin would not allow anyone to run as a Liberal if they were pro-life. That must frost your cookies.

    6. From that highly scientific wiki skim;

      Carolyn Bennett, Minister of Indigenous and Northern Affairs
      Jean-Yves Duclos, Minister of Families, Children and Social Development
      Catherine McKenna, Minister of Environment and Climate Change

      Not given for the Minister of Science.

  3. Another encouraging trend: Half of the new cabinet ministers chose to skip the "so help me God" part of their oaths:

  4. I heard it was the most watched swearing in ever in Canada. i didn't watch for many reasons.
    i didn't hear myself but heard that the PM said it was on purpose to make half the cabinet female. He ran on this promise i was told and after picking them said he did it because it was 2015.
    IF so je already has morally and legaly discredited him and his government. iN fact I say one could take him to court for DISCRIMINATION based on sexual identity.
    LITERALLY to court. The present court is not okay and so on and so on but a great point would be made by true patriots.
    Its a contract that anyone can become anything without regard to identity in this cAnada save for certain special cases.
    Especially in prestige things and positions that claim the right to rule.
    If the report is true I deny them the right to rule me. If I was a MP this would be my rant from day one. I think its in the constitution also for what that is worth these days.
    This ricj, upper class establishment fella has something to say about who derserves what in my country.
    So do i. Seems to be they said the nation was not to discriminate on sex as opposed to the claim it was done in the past and was immoral and illegal.
    Every canadian should note this. why no media interest?
    already laughable and sad. Like Trudeau the first.
    its still sweey to see hapur fired.
    He desired regime change in libya and syria and accpted killing to that end. So he reaped it himself. Take that!

  5. I'm glad that our new Minister of Science has withdrawn her claim on Facebook that she is a Nobel laureate. This was apparently done after she was appointed to the cabinet yesterday. This is heart warming - otherwise she could hardly call herself "The Honourable Kristy Duncan."
    Also encouraging to all the rest of us Canadian scientists out there who will never be able to claim Nobel prizes.