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Thursday, January 29, 2015

My community is outraged over trash

My community (Peel Region, west of Toronto, Ontario, Canada) is changing the way it collects trash so it put out a pamphlet to advise citizens of the upcoming changes. Here's the cover.

It's a little chilly right now to be putting out the garbage with no clothes on but even in the summer I'll probably throw on a shirt. I might consider the naked method but only if it were very late at night or if I were as good-looking as the guy in the picture.

At least two members of the community are outraged. Can you guess why?

Peel’s ‘naked man' trash pamphlet sparks outrage

Check out My Secret Atheist Blog for more pictures of naked men.


  1. You live there? Well, now you know a little more about some of your neighbours.

    Thanks for linking to my blog!

  2. Professor Moran,

    Are you sure Robet Byers or Quest don't live there? I wouldn't be surprised ha ha ha

  3. How about Stephen Jay Gould fans who were upset at the use of the misleading, if classic, "March of Progress" image that gives a rather misleading view of human evolution? Gould went on in detail what is wrong with the image in "Wonderful Life".

  4. Wait until Charles McVety sees this. Hell hath no fury like a fat, pompous, homophobic, self-righteous Christian liar.

  5. I think its funny and well done. Its trivial for reference to evolution.

  6. I'm surprised that Robert Byers, Ed Reynolds and Quest agreed to model for that pamphlet.

    1. Yes. I'm the last one but in litigation for non payment. You know Peel eh!