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Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Club Day at the University of Toronto

Today's the day that clubs strut their stuff and try to get new students to sign up. It's an important part of campus life and an important part of a university education even though the majority of students don't participate.

There's a club for just about everyone, even biochemists!

All of that will disappear when universities shut down and undergraduate education is confined to MOOCs and glorified Skype conferences. You can't join a rowing club if you're a thousand kilometers from the clubhouse.

I suppose there are lot of business types out there who don't care about this sort of thing as long as you pay your money, get a degree, and go on to a decent job where you can pay back your student loan.


  1. If the push continues towards giving a university degree to just anybody, then universities are indeed doomed. MOOCs or not.

  2. Larry, I'm thinking that the business types would be far happier if students can never pay back their student loans.

    Perpetual debt and a captive market.

  3. Hmmmm .... you think like a true capitalist. You should be one! :-)

  4. It's hot and humid in Mississauga... 33 plus humility..42
    Larry no feels it ... he bought a 24 inch TV am the beer-store...

  5. I often wish I had been able to devote more time to the interesting extra-curricular stuff while I was at university - alas all that coursework got in the way...

    1. We have a University of Toronto Secular Association. You probably wouldn't have joined that club! :-)

      Engineers never have enough time ....