Monday, March 03, 2014

Carnival of Evolution #68

I forgot to post a link to last month's Carnival of Evolution. It was hosted by a computational biologist who posts at Byte Size Biology. Read it at Carnival of Evolution, February 2014 Edition.
Wow, I haven’t posted anything in quite a while. Things are busy outside blogoland. But committing this blog to the February edition of the Carnival of Evolution just made me do it, so here goes. We’ll do this by scales, bottom up.
The next Carnival of Evolution (#70, April, 2014) will be at some unknown place.

If you want to host a Carnival of Evolution please contact Bjørn Østman. Bjørn is always looking for someone to host the Carnival of Evolution. He would prefer someone who has not hosted before but repeat hosts are more than welcome right now! Bjørn is threatening to name YOU as host even if you don't volunteer! Contact him at the Carnival of Evolution blog. You can send articles directly to him or you can submit your articles at Carnival of Evolution although you now have to register to post a submission. Please alert Bjørn or the upcoming host if you see an article that should be included in next month's. You don't have to be the author to nominate a post.

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