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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Jesus and Mo Wednesday


  1. Jesus and Mo cracks me up, and so does Steve's clever comment above. On a more serious note, this comes to mind:

  2. Jumping Jesus! What kind of world do we live in where two great religions can be mocked at once? What's next? Criticizing all religions?

  3. One of the many fantasies noisy theists have is that atheists want to 'silence' them. No - every time Ken Ham opens his mouth, it's like a thousand Dawkins Army Recruiters have been loosed on the world.

    Keep talking, you batshit crazy, misogynistic, reality-denying loonballs. Keep talking, you abortion clinic bombing terrorists. Keep talking, the archbishops who plead poverty and say for $200M to fix up their cathedral is 'better for the poor in the long term' than giving $200M to the poor, or the trillion dollars in back taxes they would owe in a fair world. Keep talking.

  4. Hi Mr Larry, you have very nice group of subjects here in your blog,
    For the subject here,
    I like the karikatur LOL
    (ohh wow, Jesus and Mo talk about freedom of speech?!!)

    Believers in general (specially, Abrahamic religions followers) talk in faith and supernaturals (invisible & supernaturals that can't be tested or observed) and they accuse others of being dogmatic !

    Thanks for the karikatur.

    This is a world of logic and reason and scientific method, not a world of fairy tales and fanatic beliefs which are called religions.

    regards from me to you,
    an atheist form egypt.

    1. Uh, if you're an atheist in Egypt. I sure hope you stay safe.

  5. Dio,

    Have you been avoidin me? You are not afraid of a confrontation, are you?

  6. If less than 1% of mutation has any benefit and the rest of mutations are agnostic or detrimental, what drives evolution? Wishful thinking? Butterflies and moonbeams?

  7. Only closed-minded people want to resort to violence when something they are attached to is criticized.