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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Zoë's first chemistry experiment

My granddaughter just turned four so it's time to learn about chemistry. Her first experiment was checking the pH of various household liquids. Here she is paying close attention to her Mom. Later on she got to mix things by herself. Read the full story—incuding where she teaches Mommy how to count—at: And so it begins.....SCIENCE.


  1. Is Luca a pet named with a hint to Last Universal Common Ancestor? :)

  2. Larry, What a beautiful family! Congratulations! YOUR GRANDDAUGHTER IS ADORABLE. The feelings are so strong, so powerful, so intense. I wonder, and wonderlwhere did they come from?

  3. Very cool. As a Montessori certified teacher of 3-6 I applaud any household utilizing the real world, hands on, and experiment -as would Montessori (who was a scientist and the first female doctor of Italy).