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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Sylvia Browne Blows Another Psychic Prediction

I first became aware of Syvlia Brown when I saw her on Larry King Live ten years ago [Interview with Sylvia Browne]. As most of you know, Larry King is a real sucker for quacks of all types and he used to let psychics like Sylvia Browne respond to listeners who called in to the show. It was always good for a laugh.

In the middle of that part of the show we have this exchange.

KING: OK. Do you know when you're going to die?

BROWNE: Yes. When I'm 88.

Later on I was happy to post a link to Anderson Cooper's debunking of Sylvia Browne on CNN [Psychic Sylvia Browne Is Nothing but a Con Artist and a Fake].

Sylvia Browne died yesterday [Psychic Sylvia Browne, famous for TV appearances, dies at 77]. She was 77 years old. Only off by 11 years.

[Hat Tip: PZ Myers: Didn’t see that one coming]


  1. Sylvia Browne Blows Another Psychic Prediction

    But at least she'll never do it again.

  2. One of the safest predictions to make.

    Wrong again, but it's not going to hurt her at all.

    Glen Davidson

  3. Atleast she can't hurt anyone anymore with her BS...

  4. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but Browne's snake oil will very likely continue to harm people. Her books will continue to be sold, her TV appearances will likely be rebroadcast, her followers will continue to promote her, she probably has a website (I haven't looked) that will continue to promote her and her BS, and at least some of her followers will tout her as some sort of saint for psychic woo. Montel Williams, pusher of anything that will make him a buck, will almost certainly try to get in on whatever cash that continued promotion of her and her woo will bring in, and I'm pretty sure that he won't be the only one. The woo business is very lucrative.

  5. She was a goood woman. True or not, she cared and believed in God. Though I prefer the bible over her books, I dont believe she was out to hurt anyone. She was interesting. She made an impact on peoples lives. Good or bad, she lived. Can't say that about many people.