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Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Join the University of Toronto Secular Alliance (UTSA)

This is Orientation Week at the University of Toronto. There are 10,000 beginning first year students who are just leaning what they got themselves into. Classes start next week.

Today is "Clubs Day." It's the day when all the clubs set up booths around Hart House Circle and the students come to sign up for various activities. That's Cameron Proctor, the Vice President of the University of Toronto Secular Alliance [Facebook] at his booth. I saw his list—there were about 50 people signed up. I had to clear away a huge crowd in order to get the picture.

I didn't count the number of religious clubs but there must have been at least a dozen. Each one had five or six people soliciting new members and each one had more inquisitive students at the tables than UTSA. I don't get it. I figure that half the students are nonblievers but I guess they aren't interested in a club for nonbelievers.

UTSA has a number of programs planned for this Fall and the members meet every second Thursday starting Sept. 28. Maybe I'll see you there?


  1. I am disappointed to see that there are no professors of literature on the UTSA Board.

    I checked out The Secular Student Alliance website and discovered "With bullying an increasing concern in the nation, one overlooked minority group is about to get help: atheist students."

    Is this a problem in Canadian universities? If so, maybe that's one reason why students "aren't interested in a club for nonbelievers."

  2. This is a perfect example of w discrimination by this U of T propaganda. What it clearly indicates is that unless you are a nonbeliever-except of evolution beliefs, you are not welcomed there.

    There is no difference between this obvious discrimination and what the communists did for almost 100 years. The message is clear: unless you are a nonbeliever except for evolution shit, you are not welcomed there. You will not make it. You will have to hide your true beliefs because they are not welcomed here and in the so called modern and educated society.

    Bravo Larry and your communist university!

    What is next? Are you going to expel students that don't agree that genetic drift leads to macroevolution? Yeah, that is going to be both scientific and true.

    Question is how low can you go?

  3. I find the prospect of joining a secular club about as engaging as joining a club for breathing normally.