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Friday, August 02, 2013

Goodbye Dumpster

Jerry Coyne posted this video and I thought it was so funny I just had to put it on my website blog.


  1. You're right! Somehow it's much funnier than most animal videos.

  2. buhahahahahaha :)))) That is so funny!!!

    Here is another funny video also proving evolution to a degree that dogs can feel guilty just like humans... sometimes.

    Guilty Dog. Just watch.

  3. Are there animals other than H. sapiens which would push the container instead?

  4. Thats wonderful. I loved it. He must of been trying to overturn it and kept going.
    I live in Canada but have never seen a wild bear out there.
    This yEC creationist insists bears and dogs and probably seals and other are the same KIND.
    that is from the ark the pair etc who came off led to the diversity.
    Bears are just big dogs literally.

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  6. how to deal with absolute hypocrites?

    what's the harm of little lying blaspheming IDI*TS!

    how we won the James Randi Million Dollar Paranormal Prize

  7. bears and dogs and probably seals and other are the same KIND

    All Caniformia?
    A KIND that includes barriers to crossability?
    If you give up on crossability as a criterium for a KIND, what can you adduce not to accept evolution?

    1. Giraffe and an elephant could be an obvious problem, couldn't it?

    2. Breeding issues are niot evidence for or against creatures having a common descent.
      Thats just a guess.
      Yes all kinds of change did happen to creatures but not from the idea of selection on mutations plus time.
      It must come from real mechanisms in biological systems.
      It does help biblical creationism to reduce animals into fewer KINDS.
      It works. Bears are just big dogs. Creatures that use smell greatly.