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Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Carnival of Evolution #61: Crustie Lovin; Edition

I was out of town when the last two Carnivals of Evolution were published so I'm doing a bit of catchup. The July issue of Carnival of Evolution was hosted by Marc Srour at Teaching Biology. He's the only blogger I know who is based in Cyprus. (He may have just moved to Japan.) Read: Carnival of Evolution #61: Crustie Lovin; Edition.
Hello, and welcome to the Carnival of Evolution #61. For this edition, I’ve chosen to celebrate what I perceive as an inexplicably underappreciated group of animals: the Crustacea. Of the major arthropod groups, I notice that crustaceans often get the short end of the stick. Everyone can name insects and recognise spiders, but besides seafood, crustaceans seem to be a question mark with most people. Insects and spiders have movies and songs written about them; crabs are the logo for cancer, the vernacular name for an STD, and they are an astrological sign.

Insulting. Crustaceans are awesome. There may be over a million insect species, but crustaceans take the cake when it comes to disparity, or morphological diversity, a measure in which no other taxon can match them.

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