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Friday, July 12, 2013

Where Am I?

How many of you recognize this place? Note that the line-up is not (quite) out the door. How cool is that!?


  1. If your at that conference, then my best guess from nearly 4,000 miles away is the G****** P****** S*** on Ontario St. close to Michigan Av.

    That being the nearest one to the Hyatt...

  2. I have no idea where you are, but does this have something to do with poutine? There's poutine in Chicago??

  3. Garrett Popcorn Shop, Las Vegas, on the Miracle Mile.

    1. Nah. You can see office blocks reflected in the glass at top of picture ~ not like Vegas at all where shops tend to be in mall-type environments. This GPS is the one on E. Ontario Street, just east of N. Michigan Avenue, Chicago.

    2. You are right. I have been there and that is exactly that.

      BTW: I can't wait for Larry to come back to Ontario and report on the SMBE conference especially on G. Graur's definite statement that "... if ENCODE claims regarding junk DNA are true, then evolution must be false..." lol

    3. My alternate source confirms he's in Chicago.