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Monday, July 15, 2013

Jenny McCarthy Will Be the New Co-Host of The View

You all remember Jenny McCarthy, right? She's the person who urges parents not to vaccinate their children, prompting formation of the Jenny McCarthy body count.

Sandwalk readers might recall that Jenny McCarthy was scheduled to appear at an Ottawa fund raising event last February until CFI Canada and the Ottawa Skeptics forced the organizers to dump her [Jenny McCarthy Dumped].

Now she's been officially named co-host of The View. What in the world was ABC thinking?

I have sent a complaint to ABC. Here's a convenient webpage: contact us.

Hat Tip: Friendly Atheist.


  1. To be honest, McCarthy would fit right in with the show's other wooly-headed hosts.

  2. No. That's not fair. McCarthy is an extra level of stupidity. Joy Behar is like Einstein compared to McCarthy.

  3. I have never watched it, and they have just made certain that I never will. Hiring someone who basically facilitates murder? Worthless bags of ass.

    Dave Bailey

  4. Canadian hospital-Sick Kids on the top of autism research:

    "Autism breakthrough at Sick Kids"

    "In the 32 families, researchers unearthed a number of genetic changes such as spontaneous mutations, X chromosome-linked alterations and other inherited mutations in four previously unrecognized genes, nine genes previously linked to autism and eight candidate risk genes, the study said.
    Breaking the results down further, Scherer said the team found a mutation that directly led to autism in one-quarter of the families studied.
    In the other 25 per cent, Scherer said there is a mutation present and a child “may be autistic, may have Asperger’s syndrome, or you may not be autistic — in those cases we call them issues of genetic penetrance. We don’t know what is going on. It could be environment or other genes we haven’t figured out.”

    I'm just curious what those environmental influences could be and why the Amish don't get Autism?

    "If there is a genetically linked risk in half of the 32 cases, it does pose the question of what causes the other 50 per cent — raising the spectre of greater environmental influences."

  5. Quest, do you have a paper that has a study on rates of Autism in Amish, or is you information from the "internet"?