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Friday, May 17, 2013


Epicentre near Ottawa. Two quakes: 5.2 magnitude at 9:43 am and a 4.1 magnitude aftershock 10 minutes later. I didn't feel either of them. Earthquakes like this happen about 30,000 time a year. We feel one of them every few years in this part of Canada. They are mostly harmless, but exciting.

[Photo credit: CBC News]


  1. I experienced two 5+ earthquakes in San Francisco. Like sitting on jello.

  2. Earthquakes in divers places, don't you know? That proves Jesus is coming soon! Been proving it for the last 2000 years and likely to be proving it for the forseeable future. ;-)

  3. my friend felt her mirrors and bed moving but others in the house felt nothing.
    There was a hugh earthquake in the early settlements in quebec that caused a lot of movement in the hills and tress. 1600's I think. So Ottawa and south is a prime area, relative, fror notable shaking.