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Thursday, February 07, 2013


Climate change has been very good to Toronto because the increase in temperature during the winter is just enough to avoid snow. In the past decade we've had several winters where I hardly ever had to shovel.

That's all about to change. Tomorrow we're going to get hit with a big storm that's supposed to dump about 25 cm of snow. It's another one of those situations where bad things come from our neighbor to the south.

The city can cope—this is, after all, Canada—but it's probably not going to be a pleasant day. I'm planning to declare a personal snow day and stay home.

That means I won't be able to attend our meeting tomorrow evening [see, Join Us on Friday to Discuss "Thoughts on Science: Evolution versus Intelligent Design (Part I of an indefinite number of parts)"]. Check the Facebook page [Thoughts on Science 2: Evolution VS. Intelligent Design (Part I of an indefinite number of parts)] to see if Rufina is going to cancel the event.

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