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Friday, February 15, 2013

Hawaiian Cuisine

I think it's important to sample the local customs whenever you travel. In this case, I'm on a mission to experience genuine Hawaiian cuisine.

We began on the first full day of our visit with a delicious spam & egg bun at a small cafe in Honolulu near the beach at Waikiki. The spam had just the right flavor (I thing it was genuine Hormel spam, probably made in the USA.) I actually prefer Prem but it's much hared to find.


  1. Perhaps as symbol of respect for the great evolutionist, John Gulick, you should have started with a sandwich. After all, at the time when he was wandering among the valleys collecting tree snails, they were called the "Sandwich Islands"!

    Donald Forsdyke, Queen's University, Kingston

  2. Who knew that the Hawaiian Islands had been conquered by the Vikings?

  3. I hope you tried hotdog musubi for lunch.

  4. Really showing the japanese connection there with the slice of seaweed on top.