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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Golden Palace Egg Rolls

I've been getting Chinese food (Canadian style) at the Golden Palace restaurant for over fifty years. The restaurant is on Carling Avenue in Ottawa (Ontario, Canada) in the neighborhood where I grew up.

I've taken many friends to the restaurant and recommended it to visitors. Recently the moderator, Dave Greig, sampled the food and pronounced it tolerable. More recently, I brought lots of food to the hotel at Eschaton 2012 and treated PZ Myers, Veronica Abbas, Chris DiCarlo, and Ophelia Benson. They all liked the egg rolls. Everyone likes Golden Palace egg rolls.

The new, 3rd generation, owner, Bill Kwong is a friend of my cousin. Bill has kept all of the traditional servings at the restaurant (you don't mess with success). But he's done one thing that the previous owners never did—he's selling Golden Palace egg rolls at hockey games!

Check out the TV report to see how the egg rolls are made: Golden Palace egg rolls score big at Scotiabank Place.

UPDATE: Ms. Sandwalk recounts how we used to get our egg rolls 50 years ago [Golden Palace egg rolls].


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  2. Yes you did! Thank you again, Larry. The egg rolls were terrific.

  3. Ah, the memories....

    I too grew up in the area. The Golden Palace was my introduction to Chinese food. I loved the egg roles.

    I'm not often in Ottawa these days. But, over the years, I've noticed that the restaurant was still there. I had no idea, however, that it was still run by the same folks. Next trip to Ottawa, I'll be sure to eat there again.

    My best to Ms. Sandwalk.

  4. Its a little known fact that many (but probably not all) Chinese food restaurants have a parallel menu that features authentic regional or provincial Chinese dishes meant for non-westerners. Not a particular fan of the westernized dishes so I often inquire about the existence of this secret menu (which is never offered to me at first because of my obvious non-chinese ancestory). It may or may not have english but might show pictures.