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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Revisionaries Is Coming to Television

The Revisionaries is a documentary about the Texas state board of education and their attempt to suppress science in Texas public schools.

It will be aired on PBS starting January 28th. It's due to be broadcast in my area (WNED) on Feb. 3, 2013 at 11pm and on Feb. 8, 2013 at 4am.

[Hat Tip: Mike the Mad Biologist]


Robert Byers said...

PBS is picking sides.
This is why public controled institutions like schools must be controled by the public.
They use other powers against you.
This is like a establishment using its high placed friends to help them fight a grass roots movement of the people.
Creationists here are the '60's rebels bumping up against the boss.

All publicity is good publicity for creationists.
However equal time should be allowed on PBS also.
Otherwise its just propaganda from one side and has no merit without both sides saying their piece.

PBS however knows modern creationism is a great threat and thiese shows prove how it is frightening the old guard.

steve oberski said...

Yes, sort of like religions trying to foist their bronze age morality on the secular arena by trying to deny women and homosexuals equal treatment under the law.

Perhaps it is time that religions lost their special tax treatment and started to be treated like any other social club.

Unlike secular charities where 90% or more of the money collected gets distributed to the designated cause, for religions in the US the figure is under 10% with the rest going to the social club infrastructure suck as buildings, salaries, mega mansions, political lobbying and so on.

So basically religious institutions are parasites, they use roads, sewer, police and fire services in the municipalities that they reside while paying no taxes.

Larry Moran said...

Robert Byers says,

PBS is picking sides.

Yes, it is. It's using the scientific way of knowing to distinguish between kooks and experts.

That's exactly what a public broadcasting service should do.

Robert Byers said...

Picking sides is picking sides.!
A public broadcasting service should serve the public since it wants public money.
If they present one side then present the other.
Whats the fear?

If i ran it I would be so confident in my position I would beg the other side to organize its best material and best talkers and I would be confident of victory.
One sided is just propaganda.
I do think in Canada they would give something to the creationist opinion.
We are not as lame as the liberal establishment in the America.
Its silly to see a gangup on these few attempts of voters to put things right.
Who are they persuading?
Not me!

Just gives a reason for another, and better, show on the whole issue of freedom og thought and speech in public institutions.
Americans like this concept better then censorship.
Censorship is of the left wing.
The whole issue is obscure but it stirs up the bigger issue which creationists can take advantage of.
Our opponents provide the climate to overcome apathy.

steve oberski said...

So Robert, what's your take on the Oxford comma controversy ?

And punctuation in general ?.!