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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Should Chilliwack BC Permit Distribution of Bibles in Public Schools?

Here's a notice from the BC Humanist Association.

Recent secular victories in Chilliwack are at risk.

On November 13th, the Board of the Chilliwack School District deleted Regulation 518 that stated, "The Board approves the distribution of Gideon Youth Testaments to Grade 5 pupils with parental consent." At the same meeting, the Board agreed to draft a new policy to permit the "distribution of materials" by March 2013.

This new policy represents an attempt to use public schools for religious proselytizing in BC public schools.

Superintendent Evelyn Novak intends to gather feedback through February to draft the new policy. While this feedback may not be open to the public, secular voices will be heard.

Please sign the petition below to send the message to the Chilliwack School Districts that BC schools should remain secular.
Sign the Petition. You will have to identify yourself but that shouldn't be a problem if you really believe in a secular school system.

[Hat Tip: Veronica Abbas at Canadian Atheist.]


  1. Yes this should be allowed and general;.
    I remember getting Gideons bibles in Toronto and was glad to see the great book given to the kids.
    Canada was created by this book. Its the grestest book in the world.
    It gives a chance to kids to become saved for eternity.
    its reasonable to offer it.
    Top oppose it suggests a deeper hostility to its religious associations and so opposition/censorship would be official religious persecution.
    the people can decide these things in their areas.

    By the way thew schools do attack the bible by teaching evolution or the origin of the bible.
    They do attack christian faith foundations and so are not neutral.

    1. Canada was created by this book.

      That's bullshit. For one thing, none of the people living in Canada before 1492 ever heard of the Bible.

      Its the greatest book in the world.

      Also bullshit. At least half of the world's population have never read the Bible. And of the rest, 21% of the world's population are Muslim. They prefer another book.

      Even among Christians (33%) there are many who would disagree.

    2. Its the greatest book because its the word of God.
      Then it created the modern civilization following the protestant reformation.
      Then it was the book that guided much of thought and morals in North America.
      There is no greater book surely.

      Canada didn't exist before the Canadian and french Canadian people existed.
      The peoples before that were Indian tribes that are unrelated to Canada.
      In fact they call themselves First nations implying segregation from this nation.
      I mean English speaking Canada and somewhat French Canada.

      It is our moral and intellectual heritage.
      All kids should read this book. its fantastically famous and influential.
      What is number two??

    3. It gives a chance to kids to become saved for eternity

      Sigh. I think you mean enslaved for eternity. But fortunately for theists and non-theists alike, the eternity part is just the backbone of a larger myth.

    4. @Robert Byers

      Sorry, I mistakenly thought we were having a serious conversation.

      Carry on.

  2. I don't object to handing out Bibles as long as it's not done under the color of coercive authority.

    Likewise, we should write up little "debunking creationism" or "the many lies of creationists" brochures or comic books (like Jack Chick's) and we should be allowed to hand them out. Equal opportunity.