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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Proof of God #42: Laminin

No comment is necessary except to say that this man, Louie Giglio, was all set to deliver the benediction at Obama's upcoming inauguration until it was discovered that he hates homosexuals. For me, this video would have been enough to disqualify him.

[Hat Tip: Hermant Mehta at Friendly Atheist: Louie Giglio, Who Thinks Laminin Molecules Prove Christianity is True, Will Deliver Obama’s Inauguration Benediction]


  1. So, when the ribosome looks like a pile of cowdung, Hinduism is true?

    If I can find a molecule that looks like Mjölnir, should I attempt to get killed in combat so i can get into Valhalla?

    DNA looks like the midgard serpent.

    The flagellar hook protein looks like a butt-plug.

    Most protein look like amorphous mess, some have pretty structures, many of which can look sorta like man-made symbols of various sorts.

    Need I go on?

    I cannot facepalm enough. To these people everything they see has some special significance and everything is evidence of god. And not just god, the christian god.

  2. Here's another proof of God:
    tRNA processing
    tRNA looks exactly like cross!
    And it was posted on Sandwalk!

  3. When this came up back in 2009 at uncommom´ I gave BA77 the followng response:
    Would any reasonable designer build a cross out of three planks? In addition, even overall cross-shaped Laminins rather look like a caduceus which would relate Laminins to another God that’s out of fashion for about 2000 years.
    In addition, if Laminin 332 had been discovered first laminins would have been described as T-shaped.
    And what about porins? Their triquetta like structure would point to Celtic paganism than the Chrisitian God.
    BTW, I’ve been in Rupert Timpl’s lab for 1.5 years and can assure you that he would have been shocked seeing his work being abused in such a stupid way.

  4. SPARC-
    Sounds marvelous. I have a perverse need to see BA77 assert that the cross of laminin was designed to resemble the wood upon which our dear savior was nailed.

  5. This conformation of laminin proves God is a martian.