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Friday, January 04, 2013

Beat Australia!

The Atheist Census is a project of Atheist Alliance International. You have to answer a few questions but it won't take more than a minute or two.

Please fill out the form if you are Canadian because the reputation of our country is at stake. So far the top ten countries are ...

1. United States of America: 51,541
2. Brazil: 10,971
3. United Kingdom: 10,683
4 Turkey: 9,795
5. Australia: 7,593
6. Canada: 6,852
7. India: 3,100
8. Italy: 2,948
9. Iran: 2,797
10 Poland: 2,679

Do you see what's happening? Some upstart British colony from the bottom half of the world is beating Canada! We can't let that happen. If you are Canadian get yourself over to Atheist Census right away. If you're from Australia you can get your vote counted at Atheist Census for Australians. (Agnostics need not apply.)

[Hat Tip: Veronica at Canadian Atheist: Canada Versus Australia.]


  1. It's even worse. The population of Oz is 22,861,392, so 7,593 is 3.3% of the population. Canada has 35,002,447, so 6,852 is 2% of the population.

    Of course, percentagewise you're killing that other upstart British colony south of your border.

    1. You are off by a couple orders of magnitude, but your point remains valid.

    2. Ack! I was doing that as I was about to leave work (shhh!)and, in my haste, forgot to move the decimal points.

  2. Thanks for the alert.

    Seeing that I grew up in Australia, I cast my vote with them. On the other hand, I cast it for the chicken title "non-religious" rather than for "atheist".

  3. Registered atheists ranked per capita (per 100,000):


    Look the merry old land of Oz is leading all the Anglo-Saxon founded (English speaking) countries. Atheist feminist Prime Ministers rule.

  4. I'm in but had to pick the category "Other" (which, for all I know, may lump me in with those who have peculiar beliefs indeed). I have come to prefer the term Ignostic as opposed to Atheist.
    In other words, until you can tell me in unambiguous and consistent terms what this god thing is, I have no idea what you are even talking about and any definitive declarations on the matter are meaningless.
    I have yet to encounter a god-believer who can tell me what it is they actually believe in, in the terms I outlined above. I suspect this is because they have no idea themselves.

    1. You know that your position falls firmly under the "atheist" descriptor, correct?

    2. yes, just prefer to make an extended point I guess.